This afternoon, Miss Info hosted an epic Q&A session with The Diplomats for The Red Bull Music Academy’s Five Out of Five concert series. The big four from Harlem, Killa Cam, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey closed out the week of RBMA events with an incredibly candid story-telling session about the making of their 2003 classic, Diplomatic Immunity. They shared everything from who really created the name The Diplomats, Juelz’s awkward audition, and of course, all the complicated relationships between the Roc-A-Fella family and the Dipset crew….

Mikey: Dipset fans, this 2-hours long session was f*ckin incredible. All the little side stories of how Cam’s was mad as hell when he first met Juelz…all the drama surrounding the “I Really Mean It” video…their experience at Roc-A-Fella’s Baseline Studios…and of course, the build up of tension with Jay-Z. I can’t even  begin to explain how epic Cam’s Hov impersonation was!! Video can’t even give you the full scope of it. But check out this clip of the guys explaining why they ended up beefing with Jay-z during Cam’ron’s time as a Roc artist. We’ll make sure to bring you more footage of the hilarious Dipset stories. (Props to Nigel D for the footage)

MissInfo: Un-friggin-believable. Honestly, I’m dead tired because I stayed up all night checking album credits and watching Dipset youtubes in preparation for today. So I’m in no mental state to break down all the hilarious gems from today. But we will edit some clips soon. I got great feedback from all the Dipset fans who were there, and I hope that the upcoming footage provides you guys with clarity and entertainment.
(PS: I know that traditionally, the Red Bull Music Academy sessions focus more on the nuts and bolts of music production, from samples to engineering, to lyric analysis. That’s not what Dipset does. But Just Blaze, Young Guru, Heatmakerz, Opera Steve, Lenny S, Skitzo, Duke Da God are great resources for that. Meanwhile, if certain folks can’t appreciate how Cam, Jim, Juelz and Zeke re-live their creative process with anecdotes, rather than through liner notes….then you’re missing the forest for the trees. #message)

Miss Info asks Cam’ron about Mariah Carey’s trip to Harlem during the “Oh Boy” days….
and Juelz remembers a visit to Destiny’s Child’s dressing room…
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