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Those watching the 2014 American Music Awards on ABC might have caught one hilarious ad during the commercial breaks. Waka Flocka Flame appeared in a new commercial for Pine Brothers softish throat drops. How did Flocka do in his national television debut? brace yourself and watch the moment below.

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Miss Info: Yeah yeah yeah. I know everyone is just groaning at the very idea of this remake, but the artists that jumped on include some greats, and the song has been redone by Adele’s talented songwriter Paul Epworth, and…most importantly, it’s for charity. So stop being such a Scrooge about it. LOL.

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Things got down right funky at Solange’s wedding this past weekend. Caught on candid camera was the new Wife and her 10-year-old son Daniel putting on a well rehearsed dance to Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone.” With their all-white outfits shining, mommy and son made the crowd go “awww.”

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The Los Angeles Lakers got hit hard last night (Oct 28) during opening of the 2014 NBA season. While facing off against the Houston Rockets, Kobe and the squad got off to a tough start and just couldn’t keep up with H-town’s pace in their 108 to 90 loss.

But that’s wasn’t all the drama for the evening. During the 4th quarter, Dwight Howard and the Black Mamba got into a heated argument and near shoving match after a play. After Howard came down with a big rebound and swung his elbow wildly at Bryant, the Lakers star confronted his former teammate. And, that’s where things got ugly and hilarious. Check out how Kobe hit em’ with the Dej Loaf lyrics.

Sadly, the Lakers player Julius Randle also broke his leg during the game.

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mero young thug lifestyle

For his latest mission, Complex sent The Kid Mero out into the streets of Manhattan to ask the question that has bugged people all summer: what the hell is Young Thug saying on “Lifestyle“? Shit, I couldn’t even tell you that without sneaking onto Rap Genius (and then immediately feeling guilty about it because I should probably already know), but pat on the back for these people for even trying. Shouts to dude at 1:55 for saying eff Thugga and getting his struggle raps off.

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Brad Pitt Between Two Ferns

Thank you, Universe! Even if this day turns out monumentally shxtty (it probably won’t, we’ll be checking out a nice PartyNextDoor show and Timbaland is launching his Epic label as well), at least I can be thankful for this gift…A new episode of Funny or Die’s Between Two Ferns, with host Zach Galifianakis! And special guest Brad Pitt…or as Zach calls him Bradley Pitts.

Zach: Is it hard to maintain a sun tan?
Brad: Huh? Why?

Oh, it’s so so good. So damn good. And there’s even a surprise interlude with Louis C.K. (Mikey…did you hear me? LOUIE!)

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The elusive street artist Banksy might be one of the most wanted men in the art world — but will his identity always remain a mystery? Not if the Internet has its wishes. Just like it happened back in February, a fake viral story of the British artist being arrested has been shared over 200,000 times on Facebook and Twitter. But once again guys — it’s not real.

Read the fake Banksy arrest story here.

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It’s a sad week for news radio fans in Houston. The city’s very last all-news station has officially closed its doors, and switched to an all Beyonce format. We’re not kidding — until someone comes up and buys up the spot — it’s 24 hours of Beyonce, all day, everyday. Just stream News 92 FM here and listen for yourself.

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Ice Cube was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday. During the appearance, the actor-mogul-rapper and Ellen played a game of Icebreakers, where they exchanged their best pick-up lines. With a makeshift bar serving as the ideal setting, the pair try their best to outdo the other while attempting to keep a straight face. Watch the funny moment below, as Ice Cube’s new album Everythang’s Corrupt arrives October 21.

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jay z david beckham psg

We’re used to seeing Jay Z and Beyoncé soak up the action courtside at the Barclays Center, but the Carters sampled some top level European soccer last night as they nabbed tickets for the UEFA Champions League clash between Paris St. Germain and FC Barcelona at the Parc des Princes. Hov was sat next to former PSG player and soccer legend David Beckham, which was lucky, because it looked like he had absolutely no idea what he was watching. Good thing Becks was around to school him on the beautiful game (and discuss potential plans for an epic Roc Nation Sports deal, if we’re speculating).

(Sidebar: Jay has been spotted at a few Arsenal games and was even close to investing in the London club, so to be fair, he’s probably not entirely clueless about footy).

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