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Fans of chained heat, women behind bars, and khaki scrubs rejoice! The women of Netflix’s hit series Orange Is The New Black are coming back for season 2….and like all Netflix series, all 13 episodes will be available to watch on June 6th.

I know a lot of folks who are huge OITNB fans. I watched about 3 eps from the first season, but honestly didn’t get catch the wave. Definitely didn’t feel the need to binge watch the way I devoured season 1 and 2 or House of Cards. Do you love it?

Well, I’ll say this…the trailer for Orange Is The New Black Season 2 definitely looks interesting. Especially the dynamic between fan favorite Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Parker and new castmember, veteran actress Lorraine Toussaint as Yvonne “Vee” Parker.

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Only one episode into the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones and I’m already fully obsessed. Last week ended with an incredible fight scene (all in the name of a good roasted chicken) and there were plenty of other new plotlines piled on. What will Tyrion do if his bitter incest-y sister hurts the love of his life, Shay? Speaking of incest, how come Cersei doesn’t want to give her brother Jaime the buns anymore? What’s one hand got to do with it?

Meanwhile, I joked during our live tweetalong that Jaime and Brienne of the strong jaw have great buddy cop chemistry. They’re the new Will and Grace of Kings Landing. Meanwhile, Sandor “The Hound” Clegane is turning into a peach. Last season, his obsession with Sansa Stark felt like old-man-in-the-teen-chatroom. But hopefully his teamwork with young Arya Stark is more protective and pure, like Turner and Hooch!

This Sunday, we’ll see the worst little shxt in Westeros, King Joffrey, get hitched to the savvy Margaery Tyrell…but I’m more looking forward to more tension and intrigue amongst the distrusting wedding guests.

Watch a preview clip of this Sunday’s episode, along with a HILARIOUS video of goats singing the Game of Throne‘s theme song, after the jump…

Yes. Goats.



Jimmy Kimmel returned with a special segment of “Lie Witness News” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night. Fresh off the announcement as host of this year’s ESPY Awards, Drake put his acting skills to the test on the streets of Hollywood in “I Witness News.”

Hiding under the disguise of a beard and wig, the Canadian rapper asked bystanders questions about his yet-to-happen hosting gig, airing a fake sextape on stage at Coachella, thoughts on his music, and more. One person interviewed turned out to be a fan by the name of Junius Parham-Marrero. After asking him to recite the lyrics to “Trophies,” Drake revealed himself to an excited Junius. The pair would later take photos backstage, including a video shoutout to Marrero’s younger sister.

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Just days before hitting Saturday Night Live this weekend, Pharrell and Anna Kendrick appear in SNL‘s promo ad leading up to Saturday night’s show. Kendrick, who will be hosting, asks the Grammy Award-winning producer a few questions including what happened to his misplaced trademark Vivienne Westwood “Buffalo” hat.

The Grammy Award-winning producer and current GQ cover man will hit the 30 Rock stage for two performances. Catch the show this Saturday on NBC at 11:30pm EST.

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The hysteria was written in stone as soon as Supreme announced on Monday they would be releasing their much-buzzed-about Nike Foamposite sneakers to the public on Thursday, April 3rd. And as expected, Supreme fanatics, sneakerheads, and thirsty resellers started congregating outside of the New York Supreme store on Lafayette St., early on Weds…And when we say “congregating” we really just mean clogging up the sidewalk, the street, the traffic, everything. Pure chaos.

But did these over-eager customers just kill their own chances of getting a pair of Foams?
Well if you believe this sign that just got posted in the window of Supreme…

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Scandal Spoof

Oh, the melodrama never ends with Scandal, and the fanatics (who call themselves “Gladiators”) don’t seem to care that the plot lines just keeping more and more ridiculous. We’re waiting for Olivia Pope’s evil twin to pop up and hit Cyrus on the head so he gets amnesia and has no idea who the president is. Maybe a zombie Mellie can start eating Huck’s head? No gimmick is off the table.

At least the cast is down with making fun of themselves too…
Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s second installment of his Scandal telenovela parody… ESCANDALO.

It’s one of the most addictive, darkest, and at times, slow-moving show on premium-cable right now…True Detective is like Lethal Weapon meets Twin Peaks meets Angel Heart (see below). Matthew McConaughey (as Rust Cohle) and his real-life bestie Woody Harrelson (as Martin Hart) are incredible as two very very flawed and dysfunctional detectives who happen to be emotionally-handcuffed to each other all because of a old closed case of Satanic serial killer.
I think that sums it up, but at the same time, there’s some sticky sexual betrayal, tons of flashbacks, a disturbing daughter-gone-wild, a mysterious internal investigation, drastic hair-style changes, Rust Cohle’s deep philosophical thoughts about doomed humanity…all in a drawling Louisiana accent. Party Time, Excellent!

It’s exactly this enticing but confusing mix that made me laugh out loud when I watched this True Detective spoof from Community‘s Joel McHale and The Soup
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I won’t even say “in case you were living under a rock” because you have absolutely no excuse not to know that the Oscars took place in Hollywood last night. Lupita Nyong’o stole the show with her class, elegance and beauty, John Travolta won the award for best slip up, Ellen was the most gracious host anyone could ask for, while poor Leo went home empty-handed for the umpteenth time (head up, champ). Here are the best and worst moments from the 86th Academy Awards.

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rob ford

By now you should be well aware that Rob Ford is not your typical mayor. He smokes crack, tramples colleagues and speaks with a Jamaican accent in fast food joints. Oh, and just this weekend he showed up at a Beats Academy of Toronto charity fundraiser function, where he attempted to make a hip-hop beat. I can’t say for sure, but I imagine this is what witnessing Pete Rock making “T.R.O.Y.” might have felt like. Can we get a Drake verse on this heat rock?

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We don’t discriminate rap fans over on this side. Like Kendrick said, “Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, goddammit, that don’t mean shit to me.” But you can’t help but laugh at this probably 39-year-old white dude who claims to be (and clearly is) 2 Chainz’s number one fan. Between his overly enthusiastic impressions of Tity Boi’s ad-libs, noticeably forced dialect and general lack of chill, this whole encounter is just awkward to watch.

Convincing us further of his mental well-being, the guy then exits the building talking about how he’ll “straight up” fight these “perpetrating-ass bad-ass bitches” who talk shit about his beloved 2 Chainz. A thousand bucks this guy’s got a shrine to Tauheed Epps in his bedroom closet (via TSS).

Watch 2 Chainz discuss his new sneaker deal with adidas with Complex after the jump…


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