Issues between Floyd Mayweather and T.I. are not dying down anytime soon. Leading up to a rematch fight versus with Marcos Maidana, Floyd Mayweather was asked about T.I. at a press conference in Washington D.C. “He just mad I was f**king his bi**h,” the superstar boxer apparently said as the packed crowd immediately responded to.

A moment which seemed to spark their recent beef caused by T.I. wife Tiny Harris that lead to a fight in Las Vegas, Floyd later explained to TMZ that he said “He [T.I.] thinks I was f***ing his bi**h.” Mayweather adds, “I’ve never been with Tiny sexually. I respect her situation and I think she’s a good person. I would never disrespect a marriage.”

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wale meek mill

Shortly after Meek Mill accused him of “hating” on his upcoming album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, Wale shared a lengthy and thoughtful note on Instagram in response to his MMG labelmate’s Twitter tirade. As the D.C. rapper correctly points out, he did, in fact, show his support for Meek’s previous releases, including this post on “I Don’t Know” and this post on Dreams Worth More Than Money, which he called a “classic,” before noting the lack of support for his own music.

Wale then goes onto highlight how “different” he is from every rapper stereotype (“I play fuckin Zelda and fuck wit bitches who teach yoga and paint”) and encourage artists to not take themselves so seriously. The bottom line: he strongly denies being a “hater.”

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wale meek mill beef

Is there beef brewing in the MMG camp? Meek Mill took to Twitter today to put his label mate Wale on blast for not supporting his upcoming album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, which yesterday he announced will drop on September 9 (Rick Ross, Stalley and Rockie Fresh all shared links to the release date). The Philly rapper claimed that Wale has been hating on him for a “long time,” and challenged his status in the crew by adding “#UNOTMMG.”

Meek then went on to vent his frustrations with the industry as a whole, writing “a lot of these dudes really b [sic] hating behind closed doors.” Wale has yet to respond, but you can read Meek’s tweets below.

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T.I. Azealia Banks.jpg

Azealia Banks and T.I. have a history of beef, and the pair were at it again on social media this morning. Word must have got back to TIP that the Harlem rapper made a slick comment about his new single “No Mediocre” (which features another of Banks’ good friends, Iggy Azalea), prompting the Hustle Gang boss to go off on a threatening rant against Azealia on Instagram, at one point insinuating that “people fall down stairs daily.”

Never one to back down, Azealia responded with a barrage of tweets (some of which have since been deleted) threatening to sue the Atlanta rapper and proposing him to “come see me.” She also had some not-so-kind words for his wife, Tiny, who had her own response for the motormouth MC.

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Things got testy in the Bay Area on Sunday night. YG and DJ Mustard were performing at a club when a brawl broke out, involving Mistah F.A.B. and men a part of YG and Mustard’s camp. At the time, rumors swirled that Mustard was assaulted and both his and YG’s chains were taken. The following day, the L.A. based rapper and producer hit Instagram to deny those rumors.

“Who got robbed last night @yg who got slapped @yg??? Kill the noise !!!! We walked in the same way we walked out !!!! #MKL #10summers !!! Much love to all the real ni**as in the bay !!!, said Mustard. YG soon followed, “STOP WIT THE LIES!!!! NI**AZ KNOW HOW#THELABEL GET DOWN #DEATHROWRECORDS#RUTHLESSRECORDS TYPE SHITT ….. AYE @djmustard YOU OKAY? , TELL THESE NI**AZ KNOCK IT OFF #MYKRAZYLIFE.”

On Wednesday, an extended version of the brawl made its way online. Where it’s clear Mistah F.A.B. was mainly at the receiving end of the attack. He also spoke on the incident, which you can read below. The beef between F.A.B. and Mustard originated in an interview where the Bay Area MC accused the hitmaking producer of stealing the local sound.

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slowbucks 0-300

After sending shots on Instagram (which eventually backfired) yesterday, Slowbucks takes his beef with 50 Cent on wax by dropping his own remix of Drake’s “0-100.” Joined by Trav (another ex-G-Unit affiliate who has had his own issues with 50 over the years) and his SBOE crew, Slowbucks takes aim at Curtis and the rest of the Unit, which mostly consist of the usual threats: “50 hear a pistol, when I see him I’m gon’ smack him.”

G-Unit are clearly in studio mode right now, so it’ll be interesting to see if they decide to clap back.

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PicMonkey Collage.jpg

It feels like 2003 all over again, and not just because G-Unit are back together again. 50 Cent is currently embroiled in a beef (interpret that as you will) with clothing brand founder and former G-Unit affiliate Slowbucks, and it’s without a doubt his most entertaining showdown since, well, 2003.

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Originally scheduled to feature Miss Info, the latest episode of The Combat Jack Show had a schedule change within the past 48 hours amidst the recent back-and-forth between HOT 97’s Funkmaster Flex and former Roc-A-Fella Records CEO Damon Dash.

Funkmaster Flex used his evening mixshow slot on Thursday night to give a long detailed response to Dash’s recent issues with him over comments made about Steve Stoute, Lyor Cohen, Interscope exec and former Def Jam president Joie Manda, and their place in rap culture. Shortly after Funk Flex’s rant, Dame Dash sat down with Combat Jack, Premium Pete, and A-King for an extensive discussion where he responds to Flex, breaks down the reasons for his recent attack on industry execs, past rumors and accusations, and more.

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Rihanna regularly makes headlines in the fashion world for pushing the limits and showing plenty skin, but there’s one group speaking out on it. In advance of their Australian tour, TLC sat down with Sunrise Breakfast TV down under to speak on having longevity in the industry, their undeniable chemistry, and gave their opinion on today’s stars, specifically Rihanna, showing too much skin.

Every time I see you, you don’t have to be naked,” said T-Boz. “It is what it is, I call it spade of spade. We sold and became the biggest girl-selling group of all-time with our clothes on, that says a lot. It’s easy to sell sex….we can go around with boobie cakes out all day long.”

Rihanna, becoming well-known for clever responses, changed her Twitter headline photo in response to TLC’s comments. Check it out below.

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lil wayne scooter braun.jpg

Justin Bieber has had more than a few run-ins with the law over the last year and many people, most notably his manager Scooter Braun, has pointed the finger at his friend Lil Twist. Back in November, Twist accused Scooter of planting stories in the media to make him look bad, and Braun reportedly had the rapper moved out of Justin’s California home last year.

However, Lil Wayne isn’t taking kindly to these accusations. The YMCMB boss has come to the defense of his artist in a video clip uploaded by DJ Scoob Doo, in which he puts Braun on blast. The video appears to have been recorded last night on Weezy’s return from Paris, where he claims he was hanging out with Justin.

I heard this b*tch ass n*gga Scooter talking sh*t about my little brother. N*gga, this my motherf*cking brother; anything you got to say, when you see me, say it to my motherf*cking face. And if you do happen to say it to my motherf*cking face, I ain’t gonna make you eat them words n*gga, I’ma put them b*tches on your tombstone.

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