December 2012

Following last night’s big news of Kanye and Kim’s first baby, TMZ has come through with updated footage of Kanye’s original announcement. During a freestyle rendition of “Runaway,” Kanye begins repeating: “Even if it wasn’t planned, God brought us a whole new plan.” He quickly explained: “I don’t think yall quite understand what I’m saying… cuz now you’re having my baby. You’re having my baby and you mean so much to me.”

Read’s Kim K’s blog post about her pregnancy after the jump…


While we weren’t expecting for Weezy’s new single to drop on Saturday night, the record has been getting a lot of love from fans. Though, we also hear arguments that it’s redundant. Personally, I think Drizzy adding a real verse would have killed it, but we’ll see if there’s a remix to come. Over the weekend, Complex talked to producer Mike Will about how the record came together. He says it was actually a joint he was working on with Khaled, but ended up giving to to Weezy with Future and Drake already on it.

“It’s the feeling of the beat. I can’t really explain my ear, but my ear is ill. What you’ve got to understand about production is the voice is an instrument. I only bring certain beats to certain artists. I felt like that would be the one because Future would sound crazy on it and I knew Drake would sound crazy on it. I was like, ‘This is the one.’ Me and Future were over there doing what we do and he was letting me hear different melodies. I’m like, ‘Yo, that melody is crazy. It’s like the Mockingbird melody. That shit can get stuck in people’s head.’

“I took that, and I was like, ‘Drake, come listen to this right quick.’ Drake came over there, he was listening to what Future was saying and he was like, ‘Yeah man, you should come back, and after that, you should say this.’ I was like, ‘No, Future, you say what you were saying. Drake, you go in there and say it how you feel.’ And then that will be the hook.”

Listen to the CDQ of the “Good Kush & Alcohol” after the jump…


Wiz and the Taylor Gang is finishing out 2012 strong with a few more reminders of the ground they covered this year. Last night, Berner dropped off a new collabo with Wiz on Twitter. Before that, the boss recapped his story on MTV’s This Is How I Made It, and the crew released part 4 of their 2050 tour vlog series. At the end of the recap you can see 50 and Wiz at the “Hate Being Sober” video shoot.

New Music: Berner “Paradise” (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Watch Wiz on MTV’s This is How I Made It and the Taylor Gang on tour after the jump…


Kanye West onstage in Atlantic City just a few hours ago: Stop the music….make some noise for my baby mama!

Watch video of Kanye West stopping his performance and sharing this happy news with the world…he and girlfriend Kim Kardashian are having a baby!
Great close-up footage…After the jump

(Kim and Kanye in Los Angeles just one week ago. Kim discreetly covers her baby bump)

The G.O.O.D Music cherubs are sprinkling diamonds and pearls from on high, as the world celebrates the coming of Kanye’s first child sometime around June or July of 2013! Kanye just made the big baby announcement while onstage in Atlantic City on Sunday night. According to E! (home of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and the official network of all Kardashian uteruses), Kim K. is around 12 weeks pregnant…and both she and her mom were in the audience when Kanye broke the news by singing a line from Jodeci’s “Forever My Lady” and said, “Stop the music and make noise for my baby mama…”

Check out a photo of Kim Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner reacting to Kanye’s onstage baby announcement…
And hear how KimYe’s friends and relatives reacted to the news…

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Awww! Just moments ago, our sources in the audience at Atlantic City tell us that Kanye West announced onstage at his 3rd and final Revel Resort show…..that he and girlfriend Kim Kardashian are HAVING A BABY!

Details on how exactly Kanye broke the news to the 5,500 fans….
How Kim Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner reacted from their vip seats….
And our prediction for Baby KimYe’s first outfit….

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Kanye West Performing at Revel Ovation Hall (12/29/12)

What’s a Kanye West show without a classic rant. On night two of his three consecutive shows at Revel in Atlantic City, Kanye had plenty to get off his chest. After performing his Cruel Summer single “Clique,” Yeezy went on a rant about the media, the critics on his women’s fashion line, skinny pants, and G.O.O.D. Music bringing in a total of 18 Grammys in recent years.

Continuing his talk on the Grammys, Kanye confirms he won’t appear at the awards in February though he’s nominated six times. He cites losing to Maroon 5 for “Best New Artist,” his Watch The Throne and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy albums not getting nods for “Album of the Year,” and “Ni***s In Paris” being overlooked for “Record of the Year” as reasons. The passionate moment ends with Ye speaking on death threats he’s received via Twitter, and cancelling his world tour with Lady Gaga.

Watch Kanye is Atlantic City below…..



Livin’ Good Loso has plenty to be excited about. Fab travels down to South Beach during Art Basel Miami 2012 in “Life Is So Exciting,” a cut off The S.O.U.L. Tape 2. Pusha T joins the weekend as they show off their high-end threads and take in the city streets and flashy nightlife. The new year will be busy for both artists as Fabolous will drop his Loso’s Way 2: Rise to Power album, while Pusha T is finishing up his Wrath of Caine mixtape as a prelude to his solo debut album.

Watch the Jon J-directed video below….


Out of nowhere, DJ E-Feezy lets loose with the world premiere of Weezy’s new single from I Am Not A Human Being 2. With Drake and Future providing assistance, Weezy comes with some melodic verses over a beat catchy enough to give this joint plenty of radio of time. Did you catch Wayne’s Karrine shoutout, though? HA!

Listen to the track after the jump…


(ASAP Ferg, Miss Info, ASAP Rocky, and DJ Bobby Trends)

Miss Info: There were great hip hop songs in 2012, and big performances….but in my humble opinion, the most compelling character in the past 12 months was this kid from Harlem, ASAP Rocky. And I heard this same sentiment over and over, from jaded journos, worldly producers, fashion pros, visual artists, and more.
Maybe it was the personal growth we saw; early on there were terrible tantrums, sometimes violent…but later on we saw rants against homophobia and sheep mentality.
Maybe it was the way Rocky navigated industry politics but wasn’t afraid to have an actual opinion…sometimes hilarious, sometimes irreverent…but never just pandering for soundbites. And despite a grueling schedule, Rocky seemed to still enjoy the wild ride. #VeryRare.
ASAP Rocky is still growing as a music artist, as a head of family, and as a business man…but he managed to be everywhere without oversaturating, crossing genres, working with pop stars like Rihanna and local sprouts like Flatbush Zombies, pushing his visual agenda without abandoning music…

Last week, I went to Harlem’s Black Star Music where Rocky played his new album Love Live ASAP (iTunes) for a packed house, with ASAP Ferg by his side…
And as always, Rocky was candid and confident as we recapped the Year of ASAP….The Good (e.g., upcoming collaborations with Raf Simmons and Alexander Wang)…The Bad (e.g., beef with SpaceGhost Purp, concert fights, etc.)…and The Inappropriate (like how Rocky changed his stereotypes of African woman). The kid is NEVER BORING, lol.

(One important note: We had a great time hanging out last Thursday, but just a few days later, on Christmas Day, Rocky’s dad passed away from pneumonia. I can’t even imagine the heartache and grief he’s going through. And to this loss will stain this holiday for the rest of his life. The whole team sends our condolences to Rocky and his family.)

Watch “The A$AP Rocky x Miss Info Year-End Recap”…
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