March 2012

During this year’s SxSw, our boy Peter Rosenberg held another memorable Noisemakers interview session with a hip-hop legend. This time, he got Nas to open up about his career’s ups and downs, and spill the beans on all the side stories we love to hear (well the hip-hop nerds at least). I think for the first time ever, Nas talked about Michael Jackson calling him on the phone one day.

“I don’t care who you are, you’re never ready to hear that Michael Jackson is on the phone. I don’t care how it goes, no one is ready to handle that shit. He’s a spirit, he’s not a man. That was a spirit on the phone.”

Also, at the very end, Nasir gives an incredible speech about Jay-Z’s importance to hip-hop.

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Drizzy has been going hard for his UK family. Aside from blessing Tim Westwood with an interview and freestyle, he stopped by Kiss FM to talk about his upcoming projects, touring in the UK and being recently spotted out with Rihanna.

In a bit of new information, Drake revealed that he has already laid some tracks down 2 Chainz and that he’s linking up for Jamie xx while out in the UK. He also mentioned how he tries to avoid the Euro-club sound because its what’s everyone is doing. Drizzy cites Dancehall and Reggae as two of his big influences right now.

Another thing that caught my attention was when he revealed that Rita Ora’s “RIP” being written for Rihanna and confirmation that he ‘s finally close to finishing a record with Bieber.

Check out, Labrinth, Drizzy’s UK opener, who he bigs up tremendously…
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“I like to keep my chops up, jam with the cats…see if a lil’ backstage cutie ends up on my lap. And then later that night, she’s playing my flute. And by flute I mean…my turgid p—s.”

“I want to announce to everyone here in the Americas, to our friends in Spain, Turkey, and the UK, including England…that as of 0900 Mountain Time, Paramount Pictures and myself, Ronald Joseph Aaron Burgundy have comes to terms on a sequel to Anchorman. There will be a sequel.” *plays self out with jazz flute*

Clearly, this is the best news of 2012. There is no manlier man than Ron Burgundy. He’s forever changed the image of polyester. I can’t even think about milk without thinking of how it glistens on his beard. And his magic prose has been referenced by everyone from Kanye to…well, everyone.
The original Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is practically a deal-breaker friend test (Did you love Anchorman? No? Goodbye!) And the DVD-extra Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie was a nice hold-over for fanatics….
But we’ve been waiting for a real follow up for a long time.

Now, along with Ron’s sexy announcement on the Conan O’Brien show on Weds night, there is news from Deadline that Paul Rudd and Steve Carell are both joining Will Ferrell on Anchorman 2. And most importantly, Judd Apatow will again produce the flick, and Adam McKay will return to direct and co-write the script with Ferrell. I remember some early talk about the movie being set in the 80s, with Burgundy struggling to fit in? Then there were rumors that it was going to be in 3D, then it was going to be a musical. Oh whatever, shoot it on an iphone in a parking lot.

Revisit some classic footage from the original Anchorman
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A single and video isn’t enough, Chris Brown drops off another viral this time in support of his “Real Hip-Hop Shit #4” song released last July. While frequent collaborator Kevin McCall was on the original, the clip features Breezy’s solo verse over the production of 9th Wonder. Watch as Brown walks the streets of Dubai and France in this new video.

If you missed his brand new single for “Sweet Love,” click here.

Watch the video after the jump….



The “Punch Line King” gives us another release presumably off his upcoming V6 mixtape. Stream the Doe Pesci-produced “Open Arms,” how does this compare with his past two efforts “Wake Up” and “Jackpot” ?

Listen to “Open Arms” after the jump….



Nas made a visit to Angie Martinez at Hot 97 earlier today to promote his new single, “The Don” and his upcoming Life Is Good album. Queenbridge’s finest spoke on the four year gap since his last solo album, his son Knight and the divorce from his ex-wife Kelis, and the current state of hip-hop. Nas revealed one song off his new album will be “Another Black Girl Lost,” and how his daughter Destiny persuaded him to appear on Tyga’s new album. The two end their conversation touching on Heavy D’s contribution to his new single, and the tragic news of slain teenager Trayvon Martin.

“You never wanna hear that kind of news. When it happens, you remember how many Trayvon incidents happen every day all over the world and have been happening. It doesn’t seem like the race problem will ever get solved. There’s a sickness that needs healing that this guy Zimmerman is dealing with and all the Zimmermans around the world. They’re dealing with hatred, ignorance, sickness, and they’re living in fear so I’m rocking my hoodie for my man.”

Audio: Nas on Hot 97’s Angie Martinez Show (3-28-12) (Part 1)

Audio: Nas on Hot 97’s Angie Martinez Show (3-28-12) (Part 2)

Audio: Nas on Hot 97’s Angie Martinez Show (3-28-12) (Part 3)

After the jump, Nas speaks more on Trayvon Martin, working with No I.D. on his new album, the media and their access to his personal and financial life, the controversy involving an African promoter, and more on MTV’s RapFix Live….



Chris Brown is not letting up this week. If appearing on Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled‘s singles weren’t enough, fans we’re treated to the announcement of his new singles today. The multi-talented star releases the first of two singles, “Sweet Love.” The R&B jam takes us to the bedroom as Breezy serenades and simply asks that special woman to strip. Remember, there’s still another single to come featuring Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean titled “Til I Die.” Fortune arrives on May 8.

New Music: Chris Brown – “Sweet Love” (Mastered/CDQ/No Tags)

Props to In Flex We Trust | UPDATE: Mastered/CD quality added via Hip Hop Early

Chris also released the video for “How I Feel,” which you can watch after the jump….



While most of us thought this song belonged to Kendrick Lamar, turns out it’s a song by Pharrell’s new artist Buddy. After hearing a preview courtesy of K.Dot, here’s the full version for your listening pleasure. Listen to The Neptunes-produced “Staircases” off his upcoming Idle Time project.

New Music: Buddy Feat. Kendrick Lamar – “Staircases” (prod. by The Neptunes)

via NQM

Previously: Things I Love: Buddy’s “Awesome Awesome” Video, Feat. Pharrell


The Bawse must be enjoying a lot of cake out in Europe. After dropping a verse on Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk,” Rick Ross comes back with a verse over RiRi’s popular interlude off her current album.

New Music: Rick Ross – “Birthday Cake (Remix)”

Rap Radar via DJ Scream

Listen to more new music from Sheek Louch and Ghostface Killah, A$AP Rocky, David Banner Feat. Tank, and I-20 Feat. Ludacris and Twista, after the jump….


(Rihanna takes the “tube” to Drake’s London concert)

Rihanna is doing promo for her upcoming movie debut….Battleship (yup, the movie based on a boardgame). So why not take the girls to her buddy Drake’s Club Paradise show? (And yes, she and Drake hit the afterparty too) And why not cause a lil’ ruckus by using public transportation…while wearing thigh-high boots and cutoffs? No biggie. I’m still not wild about her wig-like blond ‘do, but other than that….Rihanna’s whole style is boss to me. I’m there with the whole retro London creepers and BOY throwback post-mod-punk look. And even though, NCB and most every other guy I know hates this pointy gel-nail trend that Japanese girls have been rocking for ages…Rihanna’s gold fingers are fly to me. Love? Hate? Check out the gallery below for more photos of Rihanna’s commute and Battleship press conference….

But what about those rumors that Rihanna visited Ashton Kutcher’s house for a middle-of-the-night hang? Well, as random as that hook-up sounds…I have a larger problem with the coverage of her response.
HuffPo says: “Rihanna, Ashton Kutcher: Singer Rips Reporter For Relationship Question

Haha, really? Perhaps we’ve changed the definition of “ripping”…
Watch video of Rihanna’s Ashton answer for yourself…
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