May 2008

Nile at youheardthatnew and Danica from Sohh posted some lovely video from last nights screening…..I’m sure there will be more to come. I would have had full audio of the Q&A to share if it weren’t for some folks….ahem…on whom I’m not gonna waste my emotional energy on right now. But big up to my friend Rik, one of my favorite artists Nas, and the many people there that I have much love for (chris atlas, pecas, nancy, brady, tracy, ang, enuff, ebro, eskay, laura, sha, jay, reef, tip, sav, steve etc etc). Goodtimes. Interesting discussion. Open bar. Great people. The video will be out soon, the album cover is all over the place, and here were some of the comments….

Before the video….(from youheardthanew)

After the video….(from sohh)Click more to see more video clips from youheardthanew…. (more…)

Happy friggin friday….I’m stressed out between work and an outside project… web-fatigued…either have a case of food-poisoning or tummy-flu…Summerjammed…and my audio from last night’s Nas “Be a N—-r too” screening got messed up by suits who don’t get it, and then by human error.

So, thank you Shaheem Reid (by way of Joseph Patel) from MTV News, thank you for turning my Friday around with this touching clip. (well, I can’t leave LOST uncredited either. I can’t wait to discuss when I get the time to post on that….all I can say is…Mr Ecko!?!) I can’t believe this has been on the web for 5 months before I got blessed, lol…Even if you’re beyond sick of the song, its so worth it.

Up until now, this ongoing legal battle between 50 Cent and his son’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins has been shocking, if not entertaining, and distasteful. She sued him for $50k a month, up from the $25k she was getting. Instead a judge awarded her $6700 a month, and told her to leave 50’s $1.4 million Long Island mansion. Along with 50’s son Marquise, Tompkins also has a teenage daughter as well as a live-in boyfriend. But the judge’s order has not made for a smooth relocation, more litigation has been set into motion, eviction deadlines loom, and, of course, a war of words has been aired out in the media.

But when kids are caught up in a burning house, and fire marshalls suspect arson…this whole family dispute is no longer the slightest bit salacious or juicy. I’m noticing alot of interesting allegations, some anonymous, showing up on TMZ. Including, a disturbing rant by Shaniqua Thompkins herself, claiming, “Yes think he would, he’s obsessed. If he can’t have me than no one can. He’s obsessed….yes, we’re in litigation, we’re fighting over the house. [50] said he was gonna have someone come kill me and watch what he does. And this is what he did. [So he threatened you?] Yes!” (Click here to watch the video)

On Monday, a cameraphone caught 50 Cent and Tompkins making a scene outside of a lawyers office in Long Island, after a deposition session. They were seen yelling at each other in the street. 50 is physically urged into his truck. Meanwhile, Shaniqua’s boyfriend stands and watches with his friends. What could they have been yelling about? Perhaps something ugly had just taken place….

An “source” claimed to TMZ that 50’s crew trashed Shaniqua’s lawyers office on Monday. Would that be at the time of this deposition and public spectacle? Hmm…Maybe it has something to do with this…

From the Associated Press:

Tompkins’ lawyer, Paul Catsandonis, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that the dispute over the house had become “extremely, extremely contentious” in recent days. Although he declined to be specific, he said there was an “extremely dangerous incident” Monday in his Manhattan office while taking a deposition for the lawsuit.

The dispute was “involving the parties in question,” he said.

Shaniqua’s lawyer also told TMZ that before the firetrucks were called to the burning house at 5am today, Shaniqua heard someone entering her home at 3am. Scary! Wonder why police weren’t called to investigate the break-in?

And since the consensus around the snarkosphere has been that fif has gon’ crazy and tried to kill his baby mom, her new man, 2 children, 2 other innocent people, and burn up his own house…..I just have to say…as erratic and irrational as rappers often are….I just dont know if I buy it.

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All three of these videos have been amazing. I can see Kanye creating a video-art installation a la Murakami’s “Inochi” one day….

The latest….

Last week’s leak….

Kanye’s listening session breakdown of the song…


wayne partying

Wow. And I thought I was in a bad mood (see why here). The guys at Foundation Magazine sent over a little taste of their recent cawfee tawk with Weezy F Baby Please Say the Baby….and the baby was berry berry mad.

Listen to this audio….(from Mr Malo and Bmack at Foundation)


Lol…all I can think of is Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock saying “Uh oh…..emotions….are you having your womentimes?”

Not only does he belligerently insist that he’s the “originator” of the mixtape, Wayne then disowns his brainchild. “I dont know any mixtape djs, if you’re a mixtape dj, f–k y’all.” Mind you, he was being interviewed by….a mixtape magazine….awkward.

But inside sources tell me that Wayne’s hissy fit was really a result of him being mad at one particular mixtape DJ, who got some Carter 3 leaks. So he didnt really mean f–k y’all. Just f–k you, particular DJ.
I’m sure DJ Drama and the rest of the guys will understand….and hopefully those other guys will too: Clue and Doo Wop and Capri and Ron G., lol….

(thanks to Mikey Fresh as well)


y’all know I don’t usually curse on the blog. I try to keep an even keel….but right now, I’m proud to say, Fuck You, Sharon Stone. Rarely has anyone deserved to be cursed more than that doggie-bag of brittle bones, restylane and spoiled rotting ignorance.

Sharon blessed the yearly Cannes Film Festival circle jerk with her glory, and was one of the celebrity auctioneers for the Amfar charity event. Now I fully realize how amazing the AmFar organization is….they regularly raise millions of dollars for AIDS research and treatment around the world. And its great that Sharon Stone contributes her undeserved star power to this cause. The AmFar Cannes event raised $3million in ticket sales alone, and another estimated 4 million during the auction. But with everyone from Madonna (chairing the event) to Natalie Portman to Mary J Blige to Julian Schnabel etc donating their personal possessions, private concerts, artwork etc….its debatable whether Stone’s sparkling (read harrowing) personality was the reason why the auction was a success. Not to mention that…uh….its for a great cause. Duh.

So I won’t let a good deed excuse the fact Sharon said this on the Amfar red carpet***….

Yes. She was asked about the devastating May 12th earthquake in China’s Sichuan province. The earthquake has killed over 67,ooo people, with 20,000 still missing….and left 1 million people homeless, many living outside, side by side with the dead. The destroyed water systems, severe aftershocks, mud slides, and rain, will undoubtedly kill many more people in the days to come.

But Sharon Stone says all that is “interesting,”…..and, possibly just payback for the “unkind” treatment of the Tibetans by the Chinese government. She thinks the earthquake is…. karma.

Sure, you stupid drug-addled dirty bitch, of course. The approx. 10,000 children who died so far, are just getting their comeuppance for the Chinese government’s human rights violations.

I’m not making any excuses for those violations, they’re foul. As are all the crimes that men commit against each other, either individually or institutionally. But before you name drop a spiritual leader who represents the physical embodiment of karmic reincarnation, please get it through your demented fatty skull that, no, the thousands of children and rural villagers did not deserve the earthquake. They weren’t “not nice” to your “friends.” Just looking at her stupid mouth leaking out those glib comments makes me sick.

AND…..if Sharon Stone’s spit in the face of 67,000+ families doesn’t rub you the wrong way (Chinese movie houses have banned her movies, no loss there.)….

then maybe you’ll feel some kind of way about what she said to Diddy at the same Amfar event…

The Sharon controversy continued inside the amfAR AIDS benefit, when the actress repeatedly used foul language and haggled with audience members while serving as the auctioneer as amfAR’s star-studded charity auction.

“Your earrings cost more than $320 [thousand] what the f*** are you doing?” Sharon asked Diddy, who was in the crowd. “$320, are you in?”

“I don’t have $320 right now,” Diddy responded.

“What the f*** [have] you been spending it on, crack?” Sharon asked. To which Diddy replied, “No.” (source)

[Note: another witness at the event says that Sharon actually said….”You spend more than that on crack.”]

(here’s a tv clip showing part of Stone’s digging into Diddy, but predictably, they cut out the crack-comment.)

Really, Sharon? What about Diddy says crack to you? He’s never had a drug arrest, he’s never been in rehab, he’s never rapped about doing or dealing drugs. Soo, what could it be?……..wait, you’re not saying that because Diddy is…..? Really?

That’s rich coming from a undead boil like you. Me think that you should let your most famous orifice do the talking from now on.

(***click more at the bottom of the post to read the full transcript of Sharon’s earthquake response.)


2 points to Usher for being able to laugh at himself, or at least go along with the SNL writers’ jokes.

(spotted on Sandrarose)

Wow. This is dope. And everyone on here does their thing. Nuff respect. Allhiphop was in the studio for the recording of this tribute to Sean Bell, and today they posted the finished product.  (props to Mr. Xclusive for sending over the link)

“Stand up (Tribute to Sean Bell)”: Cassidy, Drag-On, Swizz, Maino, Styles P, Talib Kweli (with Allhiphop tags)

Click here to watch making-of-the-song footage.

hip hop honors 2007 crop

I love this new Common/Pharrell collabo! Like some kooky electrodisco ish. Love Chi-town Com’s diversi-fly! I think this is my new favorite song! Yay!

Common and Pharrell “Universal Mind Control”

(thank you to Mr. Xclusive for the link! This almost brightened my mood….more on that in the next post though)

And while we’re enjoying good music (can be hard to come by, lol), props to Splash for these links to vintage R&B/Hip hop collabos from the good old days. Some of the cuts are more novelty (Just A Touch rmx – Keith Sweat feat Mase & Cardan) than quality (I Love You rmx- Mary J Blige feat Smif N Wessun) but I love the trip down memory lane regardless.

Reminisce with the Cartel part 1

Reminisce with the Cartel part 2

Too bad nobody is buying copies of the dang marriage.

Sohh’s YaHeard posted this interesting video clip of Usher on TRL. He started out promoting his album…..but then he got all Tom Cruise couch-jumping, and the tweens got scared.


PS: Lol @ how Usher acts like being 40 is like some venereal disease…..Tameka is only a few years away from that, so way to make her self-conscious, homes.

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