December 2007

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From the homie Skillz, his annual look back at the year in pop culture….


And this year, Chris Robinson shot a video for the track too..peep here on Jan 1.

Well done as always, maybe less headbanger lines in this year’s version. What do you think?

I couldn’t embed this video but its bizarre… does “gangster rap” get recorded onto a Hannah Montana CD? The CD was sealed and factory fresh when it was bought at Toys R Us. I couldn’t tell who was rapping either, is that dipset?….it’d be hilarious if someone at the factory managed to press up their demo on a Disney CD.

Here’s the link


from People mag:

“Barron Hilton, the 80-year-old son of the founder of the worldwide hotel chain that carries the family name, has earmarked 97 percent of his vast fortune – nearly $2.3 billion – to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, to help the homeless with housing, find safe water in developing countries and assist other good causes around the world, it has been announced.

To Barron’s heirs – who include Paris – will go the remaining three percent: some $69 million, which is said to be taxable.

According to calculations by New York’s Daily News, Paris, who once foresaw a $100 million inheritance, is now likely looking at $5 million.

In a statement, Barron Hilton said that his father, Conrad, had set the example and bequeathed 97 percent of his money to the charitable foundation, which the elder Hilton founded in 1944, “and I am proud to follow my father’s example.

I love the Ghostface doll “commercial” I spotted on the homie Ray MH’s blog : ) Wasn’t there another doll before this one?

And this is TI’s most recent home webvideo message…..he’s putting together toys, and maybe he interior-decorated that formal dining room, he’s subtly telling his artists they better sit tight, and he’s sending a nice r.i.p to the late pimp c….

On a related note: the SandraRose blog still says that TI’s girl, Tiny, is expecting another baby.

keep it together, keep it together…….(Bowfinger, 1999)

the only part of this video that matters…

“Me and Banks just got back from touring in Korea. So…Anyoung hae sae-yo to everyone in Japan, Korea.”

I just watched that part 3 times with my sister. Thank you Olivia for giving us the gift of laughter. You’d probably get on famously with this girl.

hello friends. sorry for the absence of posts! I traded in the web for a few days and substituted in a packed schedule of heavy eating, marathon sleeping, and deep conversation with my sister’s dog, Mookie.

So what did I miss?!

Well, Hov kicked Jada out of the car in the middle of the freeway, and told us all something we already knew.

But besides that….how about that B2k. My sister just said, “I haven’t heard that name in years!” Exactly. So after all that time, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear the name Raz-B mixed in with words like…youtube….accusationchris stokes….former manager…”my butt hurts“…showers….ricky romance11 and 12 years old…”Noah’s Ark.”

Yup, everyone’s least favorite resentful boy band leftover Raz B, appeared on the web, accusing his former manager (and sort of uncle) Chris Stokes of sexually molesting him at the age of 11. And then his brother (and current manager) Ricky Romance backed up the accusation with his own tales of inappropriate showering within the T.U.G. family. (Yes, T.U.G. is the actual name of Chris Stokes’ management group. No, it’s not a confession of guilt.)

Immediately, Chris Stokes (who gives alot of folks that closeted gay vibe. I just passed it off as a Hollywood thing) released a statement denying all the accusations and vowing to sue for slander. Even Omarion stepped up to defend his uncle/manager, saying: “Chris guided us, helped raised us and is… someone I respect and look up to. I have spent countless hours, days, weeks and months with the man — since the age of 5 — and have never once seen him behave inappropriately. He’s married to my aunt, and I know this man very well. I stand behind him with no question whatsoever. These people have damaged me and my reputation.”

But after all of that….

This buster completely backtracks and says this….

I can’t believe I interrupted a family game of bananagrams for that.

personally I’m sooo not interested in this pathetic attempt at a come-up aka the “beef” between some guy named Ransom and Joe Budden. Nowadays there’s too many people trying to get fame any way other than earning it. That’s why I’ve completely ignored all the pointless dis records….

I only post this video to highlight one of the most ignorant homophobic comments I’ve heard in a long time….At one point Ransom tries to defend the record-skipping redundancy of the timeless “you’re gay, gay, gaaay” diss (snore….) by saying something like, “Ain’t nothing else but that…I don’t give a fuck if people say he’s gay but he’s a good rapper…no n—a, it stops at gay….’Cause after I find out you’re gay, you’re not a good rapper after that. You’re a bad rapper.”

Ha. That is moronic.

Obviously, trying to discredit someone by calling them gay is the oldest stunt in the book. And the laziest and least talented one. Sadly, it still works with some idiot audiences. But it never ceases to annoy me. In the end, the guy who relies on that weapon will get beaten by….irrelevancy.

Its like day 60+ of the Writer’s Guild strike. And more power to them, keep fighting that fight! But damnit, its starting to wear me down. Watching TV is one of the simple joys of my life, and its just not that joyful right now…. Either they’re pushing some battling choirs with that crumb Nick Lachey, or a saggy rock star dating game, or a Dancing with Stars spinoff….Spinoffs of already unbearable reality shows?

This is starting to remind me of the time I ate uncooked pasta in college because I was too tired to go to the common area and actually boil water.

Anyways, if I have to watch another pathetic excuse of a woman lick creamcheese out of the navel of a buffed-out closeted gay man in the name of love (or at least network TV temporary contractual non-disclosure love), I’m gonna start doing my own marionette troupe, on some Being John Malkovich ish.

But thank you lil’ enfant jesus, with your baby jesus powers….there’s hope on the horizon.


(thanks to worldstarhiphop for the link)

I totally believe we need a massive overhaul of the gun control laws in this country. There are way too many guns in this country, gun plus people kill. Not either or. And there is absolutely no reason for any guns other than hunting rifles to be so readily available to anyone besides licensed security and law enforcement.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t see the hypocrisy too.

P and son are at the gun range, doing what many many many fathers and sons (and daughters) are doing all of the country. If he wasn’t in NY, he wouldnt be going to jail for his gun charges. Nascar dads need to switch to paintguns too.

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