May 2007


Ne-yo is a pretty mild-mannered guy…he writes and sings really nice love songs that make us girls all gushy, and he has a humble manner about him. Aside from that one unfortunate sidekick gaff , Neyo has kept his nose squeaky clean.

So I was pretty surprised to here from a reliable source that a certain infamous lady is telling her friends that she is now dating Ne-yo….

supa n noi

supa n oprah

Karrine “Supahead” Steffans and Ne-“Because of You”-yo?

well, maybe we’ll see leaked mpegs instead of jpegs from this couple : )


HAHAHA….so LT Dinwiddie was at NEyo’s party last night and Supahead was Nowhere to be seen…..hahaha…..
Now mind you….she is the one who specifically told my source (a very reliable person) that she is dating Neyo. She volunteered it herself, hahaa……
poor thing.

like you guys are saying… night in the backseat of a car service is not the definition of dating I guess, lol….]

well in light of beanie’s recent comments about pharell and kanye, someone remixed this clip from a smack dvd peedi crack freestyle session….

wow, what a difference house music in the background can make, lol….it just changes the connotation of this completely, haha….

(obviously, this doesnt show the beans is gay, thats absurd. So please, lets skip that whole silly debate. In fact, I’d really like to avoid all the “fag, homo, etc etc” comments….we get it…hip hop=macho, blah blah. But this is still kinda funny/mean…..and beans definitely looks like he is extremely high. again.)

Hello, so I just wanted to share a couple things that I found interesting this week….

1) Last night everyone was buzzing because Jim Jones and Juelz Santana were said to be coming to the station for a visit to my big homie Funkmaster Flex’s show. If you’ve been reading the various hip hop news sites, you’ve noticed that in the past few days some of the Dipset crew have been doing press, and presenting a pretty united front about how issues are being worked out, but that the Dipset family is committed to staying together. All good news for dipset fans. Now Juelz Santana did not show up for Flex’s show…not sure why, but I’ve gotten the feeling that he just doesnt want to deal with any drama…and I cant blame him for that. Meanwhile Jim Jones did sit down with Flex but they kept the topics very light….I got some disappointed emails from listeners but thats obviously because most listeners would rather hear fireworks than kum-bye-yah (spelling?).

But I did notice one interesting quote from Jimmy that peaked my curiousity. At the end of the interview, he said: ““They censored me tonite, we being easy. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

2) Did you know that the infamous and unfortunate Lil’ Cease striptease video is part of the upcoming “Life After Death” DVD? [NOTE: as per the DVD’s director April Maiya, the Cease striptease is no longer part of the DVD] It was D-Rock, Biggie’s right hand man, who had the footage. In case you weren’t keeping track…. D-Rock and Lil Cease used to be very close friends, members of Junior Mafia, touring and living together along with Biggie and then Lil Kim…but ever since Cease’s beef with Lil Kim and her perjury trial and the release of Cease’s “Chronicles of Junior Mafia” DVD, Cease and D-Rock have broken off ties. (sad, ’cause I remember how tight that whole crew was when Biggie was still alive)

Anyways, so now there’s a big struggle between Cease and D-Rock, and their respective DVDs…and the remaining footage that still exists (namely the footage of Biggie which is still private).

Oh, also, this new DVD includes [NOTE: edited part by request of the DVD’s creators] crazy footage from everyone, including Lil Kim, Hov, even Supahead, lol. I cant wait to watch this DVD this weekend!

3) Celebrity love notes:

My boy the very trustworthy Jawn Murray has reported that Solange’s divorce is finally…well…final. I wonder if that end result is inevitable when your megalomaniac dad forces a shotgun wedding between 2 teens.

Also, there’s alot of talk (like on Sandra Rose and Crunk n Disorderly) about how this chick Buckeey, a Flavor of Love reject, allegedly hinted that she is dating Andre 3000 while she was doing an interview on Sirius Radio……Um, just because you nibbled a man’s leftover room service tofu burger and then “slept over” in his hotel room doesnt mean you and he are “dating”: )…..but the bigger question is….why was she doing an interview, period, lol….

Finally….According to my fellow sister in radio dish, Supa Cindy, witnesses saw Lil Weezy serenade his ex Trina with a song called “Prostitute Flange” (HA!) and then Trina went on stage and the two had an emotional reunion and said “I miss you, I love you.” Here’s Fresh’s witty take on the whole fiasc…I mean, tender moment.

Here is a clip from my co-worker DJ Absolute’s show last night.


FIXED SONG….ugh! sorry, I have no idea why it was playing so fast…here’s another version that Onsmash had….apologies! OH and hopefully sometime this weekend, I’ll be able to email some of you helpful folks who offered advice in the previous post about WordPress questions! Thank you soo much!


ANOTHER NOTE… you think that Bean’s is definitely dissing Dipset/Jim Jones on this song? Or is it possible that he’s dissing The Game and/or Lil Wayne?…I was just wondering what y’all thought because Mack Mittens does mention how he doesnt know anyone in the West that respects you…so that could mean Game. And Wayne has been promoting his blood affiliation too, and he did make those comments about being better than Hov in Complex mag a few months back. BUT…if Beans is talking about Jim Jones, then it brings me back to this Cassidy song feat. Beanie and Fab….and those “Capo decap-e” rhymes….

A refresher of that song…

[audio:You already know.mp3]

from my boy Eskay’s new interview on with 40-Cal, who is part of the Dipset extended family.

“Right now, it’s just family affairs. I don’t think it will escalate to the point where it’s really affecting me. I don’t even know the full story myself. It seems like there’s a lot of miscommunication going on. I can’t say I fully trust Miss Info’s website, so the facts are still shaky to me. No matter what, I’m reppin’ Dipset all day.”

At first, I was a little bothered. But when I think about it, I understand the dilemma and I also understand that there’s some internal negotiations that are going on, to try to make things right. And I respect that. And I hope that happens for the artists and the fans sake.

But the main thing that prevented me from blowing my top today was the reassuring reaction that I got from one of the Dipset honchos when I mentioned 40Cal’s quote. I wont share the exact words for 40’s sake, but I felt better afterwards : )

my home Ant Liva is dropping by tomorrow to give me a copy of the latest flick he worked on….He is partners with D-Roc and April, who have made a sequel to their “Chronicles of Junior Mafia.” This one is called “Life After Death,” it drops on July 3rd….and here are two versions of the preview….I’ll have more details tomorrow.

I just gotta say, I love seeing this old footage of the “good ol’ days”….Frank White…the Hitmen…Junior Mafia with the real Lil Kim…Jay and Dame….


ok, I’ve said before…I’m not the most technologically talented. I have some amazing help with this blog, but they’re busy too sometimes….so I ask you, my celeb drama family….

how do I post photos so that they are side by side?

how can I create a “click here to continue” feature on my posts so that the entire post doesnt show up on the homepage? It gets too long and bulky. I notice on most other blogs, you can see the beginning or a summary of a post with a photo and then you can click more to see the rest of the post….Is that possible with wordpress?

im sure there’s more I need to ask, but that’s about it for now : )

sorry for the SOS….resume debating about the latest rap war…lol

haven’t Game and Jay-Z been taking subliminal shots at each other for soo long? Is there any concrete reason why? Anyways, I guess we can add this new song from the Game “My Bitch” to the long list of volleyed offenses. [NOTE: wait, now someone is telling me the song is old and just leaked….hmmm]

Interestingly, soon after that time when The Game went out to Europe a while back and got onstage and said “Fuck Jay-Z,” I heard from an insider in his camp that in order to avoid any public beef, the OGs here in NY who work with Game had a talk with the OGs who funded Jay-Z’s start and are still involved in his career…..and they mutually agreed to control their interests and make this beef disappear…

But as we’ve seen in different examples…The Game often agrees to one thing and then does another.

Oh, and of course 50 Cent and Suge Knight get dissed here too….but what’s funny is how nobody seems to care about that. We just cant imagine anyone dissing the lord Hov, lol…

So here’s “My Bitch,” which I guess is some twisted variation of my boy Common’s classic “Used to Love H.E.R.”….is there a lyric transcription yet?

download the song by clicking HERE , thanks to Nigel from RealtalkNY

And click here to listen to the song…

[audio:the game – my bitch.mp3]


(NOTE: for some of you hip hop fans, maybe you have never heard of Lady Sov or maybe you dont care….so just ignore this post. But you can still watch the trainwreck anyways. Either way, we can skip all the “who is this girl, who cares, i never heard of her,” etc. posts because of this disclaimer, lol)

obviously Lady Sov didnt turn out to be the big hip hop star that Jay-Z (or someone in his camp) thought she’d be over here in the States. I remember being irritated by all the hype surrounding her signing to Rocafella and thinking that it was just another gimmick reach…trying to jump on the grime bandwagon by folks who clearly wouldnt care about this artists’ actual market and then soon give up….but anyways…im getting off topic…..I still feel for the fact that she is obviously now suffering the fate of many artists who sign with major labels or celeb ceos and then get floated out to sea. Some artists are smart enough and mature enough to weather the storm because of their own support system and fan loyalty (see The Roots) but others end up breaking down on the stage of Brooklyn’s Studio B nightclub (which is like this weird grimy hipster haven) in front of a pissed off crowd.

Witness the latter….Lady Sov overshares about her depression, self-cutting?, bankruptcy, etc…….hey Hov, buy her a pair of “Ma-no-nos” or something…

[note: here’s the new link…thanks to homase!]

well well well…..once again the Public Information Act serves us well. Big big up to my boy LT Dinwiddie, blogger on grind down in Atlanta. He had the self-motivation to get himself down to the courthouse to get a copy of the actual citation filed by the police for that young woman who claimed that she was sideswiped by Mase in a popular transvestite section of the city. In an earlier post, I relayed her allegation that after realizing that it was Mase who hit her car (even though he allegedly would not roll down his window or get out of the car), the woman told local radio jock Ryan Cameron that nearby trannies broke their necks to tell her that Mase had been cruising for a “date” with one of them.

I was skeptical only because I know that a groupie scorned can kick up quite a fuss when done wrong by a rapper…..but here is the accident report. And if its was just a fender bender with no trannie-related drama, then wouldnt Mase have just stepped up and said so? I dunno….

Once again, big up to LT Dinwiddie from O1LT for the scoop! He has more on this story on the way….


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