March 2007

hmm, this just in….an inside source told me that Mannie Fresh was on the air with a New Orleans radio station, and he was airing out his grievances with former label Cash Money Records….Then during a commercial break, a call came in. the DJs thought it was a joke until they realized that it was Baby from Cash Money. And according to the jocks, Baby was highly upset, cursing and making threats to…well…erase Mannie. I didnt realize that their beef was still so deep, I thought that when Mannie left Cash Money, there was some bad blood over money, but then didnt Mannie reach out to Baby when he lost his sister in a tragic car crash?

Well I’ll let you know what else I hear. But I have worked with both Baby and Mannie in the past and really like both guys. Hopefully they can just agree to disagree and leave each other alone.

UPDATE: Now I’m hearing that Mannie has a new deal at Def Jam…

UPDATE 2: I spoke to DJ Wild Wayne from the New Orleans station Q-93 and here is the audio from that drama-filled Mannie Fresh interview…it was during a commercial that Baby called in and both men had a heated argument, threats were made, phones were slammed down….

Click on the link to listen:  Wild Wayne and Mannie Fresh


today on the Miss Info Celebrity Drama Report (weeknights on the Funkmaster Flex Show, Hot97 NYC)….we discussed the Diddy’s 30-hour tantric sex rituals….and then I threw up in my mouth….

[audio:CD 2 840.mp3]


in this Miss Info Celebrity Drama Report we discussed my confirmation that poor Olivia has been dropped from G-Unit Records….umm….no way!! But is it true that she is filing a sexual harrassment suit against her G-unit comrades? That seems a bit far-fetched…. I dont want to make light of workplace harassment, etc. so I’ll just wait to find out if this lawsuit is really happening. Click here to listen….

[audio:CD 1 740.mp3]


Vida is voicing her displeasure with The Game’s claim that he “-inger-anged” her at a party….by doing as he would do….busting a funky rhyme. And by funky i mean to say, it stinks. rotten. horrible. But thats what happens when you spend 3 years solely taking shiny butt photos and not forming full sentences. Speaking can take practice. Dont give up, it gets easier.


vida sandygame sweaty

I have no idea why this is called the Wu-Tang Slide…but it scares the sh-t out of me. Maybe its the seizure-bounce beat, or the aggressive arm movements…but I was expecting something very different. While Harlem is obsessing over the “Aunt Jackie,” somewhere down south, they’re doing…this…(shiver)

Game and an LA substitute teacher named Tiffany are expecting a baby boy any day now….allegedly to be named King Justice. Quite a 5-percenter name, right? Meanwhile, Game’s first son is named Harlem. Dad has always been obsessed with NY though….Now the interesting thing is that a good friend of mine, and bonafide hip hop-insider tells me that they were at Game’s house a few years back and Game introduced his future baby mama as “his best friend.” This was also while he was dating Mya…Ahh, its always the gal who stays around the longest who gets to clean up after the party.


and by we I mean both as a country and a culture…

MC ROVE doing the “plame” dance

this redman vid is interesting because, well, for one thing, I was beginning to think redman had just disappeared off the face of the earth. its totally beyond me how someone with his level of celebrity (movies, college crossover cult-following, tv series, hits, etc) just leaves the scene that way…..Its weird. Anyways, I’m glad to see he’s back, even though clearly the powers that be at Def Jam could really care 2 sh-ts less. Check out the video….its a refreshing change from the glossy bentley and sunglass advertisements that are all over BET….I notice that Redman is still keeping it so very real for the big girls. Nuff respect for that. Also my boy Ashy Larry is in the vid with that fat nasty guy from the Bam Margera show. (didnt he get arrested for having child porn or something?) But I still dont think this vid compares to the best Redman video ever…”I’ll Be That”….or, for that matter, Red’s classic MTV Crib’s appearance. (video from

producers beefing is so silly to me….its almost worse than producers rapping but thats another topic….anyways, in the ongoing Timbaland vs Scott Storch drama, Timbaland’s new artist D.O.E. (who may or may not ever see the light of an HMV/Coconuts/Tower Records) has made this diss-video directed at producer Scott Storch. Totally ridiculous but funny….

(big up to my myspace pal Mr Virus for sending me the link!)


scott storch at rest

who else will admit that they’ve wanted to do this at the post office too……but the important thing is…we dont.

Goin’ Postal At the Brooklyn Post Office¬†

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