Earlier today it was reported that the film Takers fell short of the #1 spot at the Box Office last week, well those numbers were wrong and misleading. The film which stars T.I., Paul Walker, Idris Elba and Hayden Christensen among others grossed a total of $20.5 Million just edging out The Last Exorcism. The ATL actor and rapper spoke with MTV News about the victory.

“It was so tight, they kinda misinformed people prematurely and gave out the wrong information,” Tip said about the initial numbers. “But officially, as it stands right now, ‘Takers’ is the #1 movie in the country, contrary to popular belief. In my heart, I felt it would be.

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After the jump co-star Idris Elba releases his Takers mixtape, track list and download link…

“Its kinda like the Obama election,” Tip continued. “Not at all as important, but you felt like it was supposed to happen … unless it was some bullsh– in the game, it would likely happen. I’m not in any way trying to compare the magnitude of importance [of the presidential election] to this [box-office] situation, but I’m just trying to somewhat rate my anticipation. Thanks to everyone that supported. Critics were very quick to sign up and criticize the film. I appreciate the people for showing up and judging for themselves. And tweeting and putting out the word of mouth that this really was a good film.”

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DJ Driis (Idris Elba) gives us a new mixtape he put together as promo for the film he also stars in, you can download it here.

Bonus DJ Driis speaks to Angie Martinez on HOT 97 last week about the lead up to the film’s debut and mentions a moment about kissing Beyonce?