how come the guys always get all the good stuff? Their sneakers are better, and their LV accessories are sick.

I’ve always been a fan of the very simple, classic checkboard brown on brown Damier print. My favorite LV standard. And I know the Fall/Winter 08 revamp in black on black is gonna be even more popular….gives it a little more edge. Sadly for me, Damier Graphite is mens-accessories only for now.

Here’s a few pics of my favorite pieces…obviously, they’re prohibitively expensive, but a tote or french wallet would be nice it they expand line (I think they will).

(thanks to my LV insider Pedro Davila/Manhasset)

LV mens fall winter 08 3

I remember seeing Pharell with the Graphite duffel earrrly.

LV mens fall winter 08 4

This luggage def trumps the white damier. But clearly this is for rare birds….seeing as how you probably shouldnt check these at the airport, and you probably can’t carry them on….its either Teterboro or a cross country Winnebago ride for you.

Ladies, we’ll have to make do with the women’s bag collection (cruise 09). You can see photos over at my girl Wendy’s Nitrolicious post.

More pics after the jump

LV mens fall winter 08 2
The graphic detail on this suit and tie is sick

LV mens fall winter 08 1
sure, an LV motorcycle helmet and patent snakeskin briefcase….who doesnt have that? pshaw! : )