As promised, Taylor Bennett drops his new project The American Reject. The eight-track EP includes the single “Streaming Services” released earlier this year. The Chicago native taps his brother Chance the Rapper, who appears on the song “No One Outside.” Other guest features include Ty Dolla $ign, Mr. Hudson, Bianca Shaw, and more.

I realized to myself that what I want to do with my music is to bring people together, and I think the best way to bring people together sometimes is to even out the playing field,” Taylor tells Lyrical Lemonade, speaking on the concept of the EP. “I think that very often we try to use things like skin color, money, materialistic assets and others like that to say that we are better than other people, but I think that even people who have money buy these things because they feel and want to be accepted by a different class or different people.”

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