First We Feast‘s Hot Ones series is one of my favorite things on the Internet (pro tip: watch it just before your lunch break to really work up an appetite). T-Pain is one of my favorite people, on and off the Internet. So when I saw the latest episode of Hot Ones pop up on YouTube featuring none other than Mr. Rapper Turnt Sanga I was sold. And it doesn’t disappoint.

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T-Pain, who it turns out is quite a Hot Ones fan himself (“I’m a Redditor”), didn’t exactly get off to a confident start. “The fumes are making my eyes bleed,” he said before even taking a bite. Despite coming to the table with a few tricks up his sleeve (like drinking milk before eating a chicken wing), nothing could save T-Pain’s sensitive tongue from the seizure-inducing heat of the Hot Ones challenge.

If it’s any consolation, T-Pain is still one of show’s more delightful guests. He talked about partying with Dan Bilzerian and how eating cheese after every drink will prevent you having to suffer through “beer shits” the next morning. Duly noted.

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