(still one of the grossest greatest moments in Family Guy history.)

I’m one of those contagious barfers…just the sound of someone vomiting makes me cough-heave. Walking through the Lower East Side on a Saturday morning and seeing the sidewalk remnants of some sad girl’s bar-hopping rager….instant bile bubble. So…I’m gonna be honest, I can’t fully watch these videos of Justin Bieber’s recent onstage barf, or Lady Gaga’s new onstage barf. I’m just watching with one eye. With a spearmint tea nearby.

But for the sake of journalism, I’m still documenting this new culture trend for you. It’s called sacrifice!
Of course, the Family Guy clip above where the entire Griffin family chugs Ipecac syrup to see who can last the longest without throwing up is next level upchuck.
But if you want to be up on the latest celebrity trends…
Justin Bieber’s anti-milk campaign,
And Lady Gaga’s simultaneous “End of Glory” singing x hurling might just take the soon-to-be-announced MTV Video Music Vom-trophy…
watch, if you dare, after the jump.

Lady Gaga vomits and sings “End of Glory” in Barcelona over the weekend.

Justin Bieber vomits in Arizona two weeks ago. Nice Anchorman reference, youngin. Lol.

Why am I posting this?! I’m not sure. It’s completely sadomasochistic! I’m in a weird mood, lol.

One last thing: Did anyone ever see Monty Python’s Meaning of Life? Along with being a hilarious and bizarre movie…it also had one of the most traumatizing barf scenes in the history of food poisoning. #waferthin