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**Bobby Konders told me to say that. “Sell Off!”=crazy good : )

Here’s how its gonna go down…I’m gonna tell you that I loved loved loved Big Tyme and Peaceful Journey and Blue Funk, and you’re gonna maybe say “huh?” or “who?” and I’m gonna not care because Heavy D had a strong grip on many good moments in the late 80’s-early 90’s. Period.

Also, he was early with the hip hop-reggae blends and did them well….case in point

this super-heavy classic!

So now Heavy D is releasing an all reggae album this Sept called Vibes, and he’s featuring Sizzla, Barrington Levy, and Junior Reid. I’m hoping it has that classic crooner-blend reggae that was more prevalent in the early 90’s. (ie Supercat, Shaggy and Rayvon, Shabba, etc). It’s coming out on his own Universal imprint Stride Records.

And here’s the first song:

Heavy D “Long Distance Girlfriend” (I dont think Junior Reid is on this one though, maybe another track)
[audio:longdistance hev d.MP3]