my girl at Access Hollywood just hit me because…rumor has it, Tameka Foster is in an Atlanta hospital, in pre-term labor (? is she already that far along in her pregnancy?) and Usher is with her (obviously). Allegedly she was admitted on Sunday, one day after this happened.

Hopefully this is not true. I don’t usually post totally unsubstantiated rumor (like to get some reliable confirmation first) but in this case, I’m telling right now….I have no idea if this rumor is credible at all. So that’s my disclaimer.

Update: According to SandraRose’s blog, local radio host Ryan Cameron has reported that Usher and his fiancee are still together, they’ve just postponed their wedding (seems like a lot of trouble for just a raindate)….Also, Sandra is reporting that someone has confirmed that Tameka is in the hospital. So if that is the case, I’m putting this topic on pause until further notice.

Here is a video of the scene outside of the cancelled wedding. Looks like a really elaborate set up…more like a compound.