Red Tails is a new movie that takes on the story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first unit of African-American combat pilots to fight in World War II. The screenplay is a collaboration between John Ridley (who wrote Barbershop), and George Lucas….wait, George Lucas? Yes. As in Star Wars. Somehow that bizarro combination makes me wary, but the cast includes Michael B. Jordan, who I loved as Vince on the tv series Friday Night Lights, as well as Tristan Wilds, who I loved as Michael on The Wire. Fulfilling the unspoken singer/rapper quota is Ne-Yo and Method Man. And then there’s Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle (talk about range!).

But you know what would probably make this movie better?
97% less Terrence Howard.

And 100% fewer lines like “How ya like dat, Mr. Hitler?

Anyways, didn’t the 1995 HBO movie about the same unit, Tuskegee Airmen do a solid job of covering this story too?
Wait….Cuba Gooding Jr. was in Tuskegee Airmen AND Red Tails? *rubs eyes*

Compare the old trailer after the jump

Larry Fishburne! Allen Payne! Andre Braugher! Avirex!

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