Is Raury about to be music’s next sensation?

That’s a huge proposition to place on any young pair of shoulders, but in an era when an unknown singer from New Zealand can make one of the biggest hits of 2013 almost entirely organically, anything is possible. Especially when his first official release, “God’s Whisper,” is taking the Internet by storm.

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A 17-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist from the east suburbs of Atlanta, Raury embodies an entirely new breed of artist coming from the capital of trap music. He cites Kid Cudi, Andre 3000 and Bon Iver as influences, and that clearly shines through in his music. His singing style could almost be confused with spoken word, but it’s that simplicity that helps to funnel his raw emotion; when he says, “I am nothing,” you really believe him.

With its gradual build-up and overall anthemic feel, “God’s Whisper” sounds like an instant hit. Not one that you can imagine setting the clubs on fire, but one that speaks to a generation of emotional, expressive and rebellious listeners who yearn for music that’s a little bit more refreshing than what the radio plays.

Stay tuned for Raury’s debut EP, Indigo Child, coming this Summer.

Listen to Raury’s only other song, “Bloom”:

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