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This is easily one of the best Pharrell interviews you’ll ever watch. The newly-minted Producer of the Year sat down with HardKnockTV to speak about his earliest hip-hop memories, his unique approach to making music (including last year’s smash “Blurred Lines”) and how Kendrick Lamar and Lorde — two of his favorite new artists — are changing the music industry. Plenty of sage wisdom to soak up here.

We’ve allowed lawyers to become CEOs of businesses that are all about content, and that doesn’t make sense. Unless the lawywer has a good ear, but for the most part, they’re gonna be thinking about things fiscally. And so that’s when you see certain record companies putting out music like they’re putting out soap, or macaroni and cheese. They make these very small improvements but put the same thing out. And then you see these kids that are like, “We’re not having it.” That’s what this is about. That’s what music is about. That’s what us as a species are here for — to evolve and make things better.

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