According to Entertainment Weekly, which has extensive shameful Lost coverage…..

The writers/producers of Lost appeared at Comic Con today and…

“Though loath to reveal any more details about season 4, they did tip off fans to a few, often cryptic, coming attractions. Jack and Claire will likely figure out that they’re brother and sister. We’ll find out why Ben came to the survivors’ side of the island in the first place. The Kate/Jack “flash-forward” in the last episode last season does not take place at the end of the series. Libby, who’s backstory will be explained this season, may have been a Dharma employee. And remember those  mobisodes? They’ll hopefully, finally launch in the fall. The pair also tipped Con-goers off to a few questions fans should be asking: “Who’s in the coffin?” and “Who’s on the freighter, and what do they want?” Then just when you thought you couldn’t get more confused, the duo unveiled another choppy Dharma Initiative reel, which you can see by going to today at 5 p.m.”

Great. Now I have to go to a damn website at 5pm. So much for….having a life!