So if you liked Dick Shiitman’s reports with T-Pain at Screamfest, and Kenny Chesney’s country renditions of Kanye and 50, then Merry Christmas. Mr. Shittman will be sending your girl Info his latest every two weeks. If you don’t like them, kick rocks.

And if you want to know more about Dick, here’s his unedited bio….

Who’s responsible for this bullshit?
Created by hip-hop anchorman and porn-enthusiast, Dick Shittman, Hood Newz started airing as segment on New York’s Hot 97 Morning Show in 2004. The show lasted 2 days, 5 hours and 34 seconds. Radio caught the shivers when Janet Jackson exposed her titties worldwide and began to be watched by the man up in the nation’s capitol.

[NOTE FROM MISSINFO: That 2-days, 5 hours and 34 seconds were the longest 2-days, 5 hours and 34 seconds of my life. Trust me, it got ugly.]

Hood Newz pulled a Howard Stern and found its way unto Sirius radio via Eminem’s Shade 45. The more graphic and offensive sketches developed a following through 50 Cent’s popular G-Unit mix-tapes; released monthly by 50’s internationally known DJ Whoo Kid. With millions of Whoo Kid mixtapes (s’lot of money you cheap Haitian) sold around the world, Hood Newz has gained a following that has spanned across the globe.

Who is Dick Shittman?
Alaska native, Richard “Dick” Shittman is a former anchorman fired from his own public access news show on WFUX in Pennsylvania. After several attempts at becoming a major news channel anchorman, Dick opted to start his own show, financed by his stepfather Taeka Shittman and his Armanian investors. An avid fan of hip-hop music, Dick Shittman enjoys the sounds Kanye West, M.O.P, Aesop Rock, Mozart, Wham!, Neil Diamond and desperately awaits for the long overdue solo album from Staten Island’s own, U-God.

How can I avoid this?
Not possible. As long as hip-hop continues it’s ways, Hood Newz will be there covering it every step of the way to insure that the culture is preserved and blah, blah, blah,blah,blah…
…who the fuck are we kidding? Anybody can get it.
Sweet Dreams,
Dick Shiitman
Lead Anchor, Hood Newz
“Snappin’ on rappers since 81”

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