Now we just have to wait until the end of February.

By the way…semi-related note…if you’re feeling empty inside while waiting for House of Cards to come back with it’s “data dump” of diabolical goodness…I sympathize. But here are a few things to help ease your pain along the way.
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1) The Escape Artist: I’ve enjoyed PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery since childhood. It even kickstarted my lifelong obsession with artist Edward Gorey, who did the incredible opening and closing credit illustrations for the series. Everyone is up on the series Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. But I also highly recommend the recent 2-part series The Escape Artist, a really dark mini-series about a high-powered lawyer who helps a serial killer go free and regrets it. Hopefully that’s on-demand near you.

2) Peaky Blinders: My homegirl Mary HK Choi randomly recommended a Netflix series called Peaky Blinders, with zero context. I’m glad she did. It’s two seasons worth of bloody, suspenseful post-World War I drama about a family of Irish gangsters, who wear tweed caps with razors sewn into the brims. Starring Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later, Batman Begins) who is fantastic.

3) Marco Polo: I’m excited to check out this upcoming Netflix series, Marco Polo, which dumps on Dec 12th. According to this past weekend’s NYT story, it’s a massive epic that cost $90 million for just 10 episodes, the most expensive series Netflix has ever made. So I’m expecting over the top production, and lots of juicy drama about the Mongolian Empire and travels of Venetian merchant, Marco Polo. Not to mention insane costumes and scenery from the sets built in Italy, Kazakhstan and Malaysia.

Update: I just saw Gizmodo post that Netflix is also streaming the BBC’s critically acclaimed series Black Mirror, which is a seriously creepy collection of one-off episodes all dealing vaguely with the dark side of technology. For example, in one episode, the prime minister of England is blackmailed into having sex with a farm animal to save a member of the royal family. Need I say more? It was interesting to me, but I didn’t love it as much as other people. Maybe I need to give it another shot.

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