So far the list is…

10 Jim Jones

9 Common

8 50 Cent

7 Jay-Z

6 Jeezy

5 Kanye West

4 Andre 3000

3 The Game (huh?)

2 TI

1 Lil’ Wayne aka Weezy F Baby Please Say the Baby


and I’ll share the rest when it airs on saturday, I dont want to be a spoiler. But I will say, #3 is absurd, lol….in my humble opinion. But that’s the beauty of what the MTV hip hop braintrust is doing….they’re putting their opinion out there, and sparking passionate debate. There isnt going to be a single person in the world who agrees 100% with them. In fact, within the show each person walks away thinking the rest are wrong. Isnt there a saying that a fair compromise leaves everyone a little bit dissatisfied? lol….

And I definitely respect a bunch of the folks in the MTV braintrust and they have the right to their own picks, it is their list. Or, in the immortal words of Pimp C….”feelings are like booty holes, everyone got their own fit.” (wait, a second, what exactly does that mean?…..uh, it sounded good but now that I think about it….hmmm)

One other thing….the problem with hotness as it relates to hip hop…whatever it is at the time, it wont be 5 minutes from now. So if you tape that debate a few weeks ago, yeah 50 Cent was ice cold. Now that he’s dropped “I Get Money…” his temperature has changed, no?

And that’s true for every artist. We live in an age of singles and remixes. sigh.

The full debate show comes on Sunday at 2pm on MTV2. Make sure you check it out. And then go out to the Rock The Bells show, The Rock Steady Anniversary show, or the Wild Style Anniversary. (if you’re in the tristate, obviously)