Just a few minutes ago, the Egotrip collective and Complex put together one of the most anticipated East Coast rap shows of the year. After over 3-years behind bars, Prodigy was reunited with Havoc onstage at the first official Mobb Deep concert since P’s release.
Mobb, joined by Big Noyd and Alchemist took the stage without missing one step. Surprisingly, the fellas hit the stage around 10:30 pm (Money Making Jam Boys & Rae + Ghost opened), which is pretty unheard of at a Mobb Deep show, so things got rocking pretty quick. With a live band behind them, the pride of Queensbridge took fans all throughout their catalog including classics like “Start of Your Ending”, “Shook Ones Pt.2” and to their new school hits, “Burn” and “Getaway.”

But sh*t definitely went to the next thug-o-sphere when the Queen Bee made a surprise appearance to perform her part on “Quiet Storm (Remix).” Even with Kim’s retarded ongoing beef with Nicki, there was no topping that, right there. Watch it above.

(special thanks to the living legend Chairman Mao)

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