Juelz and Skullgang

(photo sent from Juelz’s backyard bbq, he is planning for a bigger celebration next weekend)

I mentioned that a few weeks ago at the big homie Funk Flex’s Car Show in Edison, NJ…..I got a chance to catch up with my old friend Cameron Giles. Killa was looking very fit, kind of built even, and he was in a great mood. He was there with Huddy (formerly of Harlem World) too, so it was like an old Untertainment reunion. We talked about some new music and some new business ventures that Cam is doing, specifically in the Miami and Orlando area. And then Cam said, “Oh, by the way, I gotta talk to you about something else too. I sold Juelz’ contract to Def Jam for 2 million dollars.

WHAT? Huh? Wow.

Fast forward to last week,  I confirmed with other sources that yes, Juelz and Cam’ron had finally come to a mutual agreement, so now Juelz would deal directly with Def Jam.

Then the Best of Both Offices boys sent out this cryptic video message announcing the return of Santana. So I asked Juelz about his separation from his former mentor, and he sent back this interesting email….


A! What’s good !! Yeah, I’m free!! And ready to do me!! But its still Dip Set 4 life!! Its just going to be a new chapter!!

I have no hard feeling for Cam, after all, he did give  me a chance!!! But I will say this I was loyal to him and he took advantage.

I would like to say sorry to all my fans, and the DJs, and most of all, my city, New York. Play time is over. I’m back. Y’all niggas know what time it is.

Juelz Santana, Mr. HD, Young Splashy Splash. Skullgang, the new movement  to move wit!! Mixtape coming up soon, my solo mixtape (“the Reagan Era”).

I have a joint venture with Def Jam, a 50/50 deal…Yeah, it’s a new boss in town. Album is called Born to Lose, Built to Win!!!! (The rise of the skullgang). So just prepare for the future ’cause I  have.

Dip Set 4 Life Skullgang 4ever
P.S. Immmmmm baaaaack A!!!!”

The best case scenario is that the end of the label drama will actually help these guys repair their relationships. I may have more details later tonite…

But I just need to point out 1) I love the fact that Juelz actually incorporates “A!” into his verbal and written vernacular, and 2) I respect the fact that his moms hangs out with the crew even with no other older folks around, lol. Awesome.

More photos after the jump…..

ms debbie juelz starr

(Juelz with his mom, Ms. Debbie, and Starr from SkullGang)

juelz skullgang

(Juelz and Skullgang)