Jim Jones says he’s dropping a free album on Nov. 6th.

Yes, that’s one day before Cam drops his free album on Nov. 7th.


According to Jim Jones, this is not about Cam. Jimmy is dropping “Harlem’s American Gangsta” in reaction to Hov’s “American Gangster” album.

He says he cooked up the mixtape-style album in six days, it features new Juelz Santana material, and, just to keep things extra contrary….it’s hosted by Dame Dash.

Jimmy seemed to takes issue with Hov’s Frank Lucas-inspired street-centered drug-rap renaissance. But added in that another motivation for him was— just as he got in on the action during 50 Cent vs Kanye—“Harlem’s American Gangsta” is Jim’s way of getting a piece of the current Mr. Untouchable vs American Gangster attention. (he was quick to add, “Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas was both snitches so neither one of them were real American Gangsters to me.”)

Interestingly, most people probably expect Jim Jones to be gearing up for some harsh words on Cam’ron’s Public Enemy #1 mixtape. But when I asked him about it, he seemed very unworried and said repeatedly that he was “in a good space.” Jimmy even shouted out “Killa,” and added, “Dipset for life.”