Ahh, there’s nothing better than a secret inside source. Especially when they’re reliable. But still, I had to check with a second trusted homie just to be sure…and the scoop checks out. Props to good sources : )

On Sunday night, when Lil’ Wayne was performing at Newark Symphony Hall, he had a special someone waiting in the wings for him.

Not Trina. Not Farrah. Not Solange. Not Lauren. Not Karrine. Not even Toya…..

Lil’ Wayne got that old thing back with Nivea.

Rumor has it that Weezy put a 50k bounty on Nivea’s heart, like maybe the reward goes to whomever convinced her to come back around? Sounds nuts, but hey, celebs do weird things. And, maybe its not too far fetched when you look back at what Lil Wayne said at the end of his rambling youtube self-promotional spiel in July 2007….Completely out of the blue, Weezy shouts out Nivea and says “The door’s wide open, Nivea, I’m waiting.”

And now with Nivea getting a divorce from The Dream, the door seems to be open both ways : )

Stay tuned for more details. You can see photos from the show over at whatspoppin.net. And check out Weezy’s adamant stance on doing things that might be bad for his health (ahem, sippin on some….) in this new MTV News article.

Here’s that old youtube message where Lil Wayne shouts out his old flame, Nivea…it’s at the very end.