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Is VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” the new “Rapper Wives,” or is it something more?
Viewers already follow the exaggerated lives and enabled bad attitudes of the “Basketball Wives.” Then there’s Chili’s search for a man who will put up with her delusions of grandeur. And the motherlode….all the “Housewives” which Bravo has scattered around the country show that money doesn’t make you pretty on the inside….but it can buy you some puffy and weird looking lips. (see: The entire cast of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”)

I sat down with Chrissy, Emily B., Olivia Longott, and Somaya Reece to talk about “Love and HipHop”, the romance between Chrissy and Jim Jones, the relationship between Emily and her son’s father Fabolous, and much much more….Tomorrow….Part 2: Why couldn’t Olivia and Somaya be at the Hot97 studios at the same time? It’s a celeb drama catfight recap, LOL!

Watch a preview of the show, when Chrissy proposed to her man, Jim Jones…
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VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Preview Trailer