Little Dragon released their latest album Season High back in April. One song that was left on the cutting room floor was a record titled “Peace of Mind.” According to singer Yukimi Nagano, the track was “missing something” and the group “had a hard time taking it to where we wanted.” In comes Raphael Saadiq, who Little Dragon sent the record to and what they got back in return was perfect. When the time came to add another female vocalist to the record, the Swedish group reached out to R&B singer Faith Evans.

“Apparently her kids knew who we were, and they were like, ‘No, no. You should do it.’,” Nagano recalls, when reaching out to Faith. “It was kind of like a dream come true,” she tells the L.A. Times, who premiered the song and music video. “I still can’t really get that it happened, and when I listen to the song I feel really honored to be on the same track as her.”

In the music video, LD, Faith and Saadiq film the visual in Raphael’s L.A. studio. Watch it below and get Season High on iTunes.

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