Hmmm, looks like someone isn’t happy with how someone handled that drug arrest last week in Arizona……

A few hours after getting out of jail, Weezy performed in Richmond, Va. While venting to the crowd, he says makes some interesting, and not so subtle comments while pointing to his own entourage behind him.

“When your friends turn their back on you, they tell you one thing, say they’re gonna be there for you, and then when things get to that point, muthaf—ers end up looking like a damn [not clear, can anyone hear what he says?].…..I just want all these muthaf–kers that been with me, that ain’t gon’ never been here again….to know that, I did it for y’all. So when I’m not doing it for y’all no mo’….Die.”


(warning, there’s a high-pitched screaming fan at 0:37)

(another version without the crazy screaming fan)

Then Wayne addresses the drug abuse allegations…..”I am the ultimate high. I am my drug.” (uhhh, yes, but uh, that’s not exactly a denial either.)

Later on in the video, he points at the entourage standing behind him and says “I don’t need none of those muthaf—ers, I got you!” (pointing at the crowd) Then he asks the crowd to join him in yelling “f–k you” to his own team. Lil Wayne eventually tells his DJ something and walks off stage.

Wow. What an emotional rollercoaster.

More Weezy antics after the jump

Here, Wayne directs his verse to his DJ and crew, then he snatches his jacket away from the entourage member holding it and gives it to a bodyguard, and finally he leads the audience participation F— You to his own crew. Warm fuzzy feelings all around! Yay!

uhh, not sure if Wayne is ready to take his guitar aspirations to the stage yet, but you certainly can’t tell him that.

But there’s more…..Weezy freestyling….

Weezy laying on the floor….

At least everyone got their money’s worth….maybe plus some. Just peep the fanatical reaction…..