Nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. On Tuesday it was announced that Lil’ B will be hosting a lecture at NYU on April 11. The event, taking place at the Kimmel Center’s Eisner and Lubin auditorium, is described as a “very rare speaking engagement” organized by NYU’s student-run program. As expected, soon as the news hit tickets moved fast and is now sold out. Still doesn’t hurt to try as details and ticket purchase information can be found here.

There’s no mention of a musical performance of any kind, nor any hint as to what Lil B will be discussing (the website for the event is oddly vague), but it does note that this appearance is “rare.” Indeed, he’s seen less frequently than his social media persona would indicate, but the dude does give away most of his music for free, so we can’t really blame him if he decides to take a break from all of that swag and all those pairs of tiny pants.

via NYU Local

How does ‘The Based God” celebrate the chance to speak in front of a selected crowd at NYU? By releasing a video. From educational to straight raunchy, watch the video for “Ima Eat….” after the jump….

One word: Speechless.