Moving from social media to old-guard music media, Kanye took his album gospel to Rolling Stone headquarters….and they reported that:
Kanye West hosted an incredible, nearly two-hour Town Hall-style meeting at Rolling Stone this afternoon, where he played songs from his fall album, jumped up on a board room table to spontaneously rap, and fielded questions about everything from his diet (“Eating celery is not hip-hop!”) to his Italian internship at Fendi to the craziest thing he’s ever bought (an antique fish tank)”

In the clip, above, Kanye says:
Everyone says great art comes from pain, I think my greatest art comes from excitement and joy. It’s a completely different perspective, about being extremely excited about something that’s only cool to me….like when I tweeted ‘what’s your credenza game?‘”

People fall short of the greatness of rock and roll…It takes so much for me or Eminem to come back and embrace and say, ‘You know what? We have to deliver this on a major level.’

Note 1: I guess it was inevitable that Kanye would start referencing his own tweets, but I didn’t think it would start happening within 48 hours of joining, lol.

Note 2: Also, as the 2010 Kanye Table Tour continues, might I suggest adding a rider contract for all future venues, with this line: “Mr. West requires central air-conditioning at all times. Any room temperature capable of rendering an cotton dress-shirt into wet see-thru chiffon is unacceptable.” (seriously Rolling Stone. WTF)

Checkout a photo of Kanye and Co’s new “Rosewood Moment” style philosophy…
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Kanye West & The Suited Crew
my boy WilliamYan caught this dope flick of (left to right) Virgil Abloh, Jaleel Williams, Don C, and Kanye West walking in Soho on Friday. Apparently they’ve christened their new aesthetic “the Rosewood Movement, suits all day.
Rosewood? Reservoir seems more apropos. But what do I know. I don’t even own a credenza ; )

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