Did anyone really expect Kanye West to do anything but defend R. Kelly after last year’s dumpster fire of dumb comments? At a Sunday Service in L.A. over the weekend, Mr. West addressed the congregation with a characteristically “free thinking” musical sermon. Apparently, that freedom leads you to offering up a pathetic defence of a man who has a 20-plus-year history of rape, sexual assault, pedophilia and running a sex cult.

They just gon’ pull up full documentaries on ’em, and then they gon’ come with the Michel documentary. We can enjoy all they music all we want. I thought I wasn’t gonna go there today but [laughs]… because if we going to tear down one artist, let’s go ahead and take the da Vincis outta the Louvre while we’re at it, let’s take down all the art.

Perhaps Kanye should take notes from his good friend John Legend.

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