A nice lil’ birdie told me that after Kanye’s SNL performance, Jay-Z threw him a dope private after-party at the 4040 Club. You know, just Jay-Z and Just Blaze on stage, and Hov playing/performing new material off “American Gangster,” and then dispensing free drinks to the crowd, and then Hov rhyming along as Just spun, and Beyonce and LeBron partying until 5 in the morning…..nothing out of the ordinary. Lol, yeah right! Sounds like a legendary night!

Anyways, thanks to Nigel over at RealTalkNY : here’s Kanye’s freestyle at the end of SNL. I loved that he did it (because I’ve never heard so many songs from a brand new album performed in public. I’m almost sick of them already), but not sure if I actually loved the freestyle itself. I’m open for debate. What do you think?

And here’s Kanye’s self-deprecating skit about his notorious tantrums. It was a lil’ stiff but still hilarious….