Conan is my favorite talk show host! He and Kanye share a humorous chat…
Kanye says that he’s going to do something about the vulture-like state of paparazzi. I wonder if that’s overly optimistic. Didnt even George Clooney try that a few years ago?

Love Conan’s Gibb rendition.

But that bathroom comment was completely manic. Most awkward moment ever on Conan? I wish Conan had a blog (one that wasnt on the radar so that he could be completely honest on it) just so that I could find out his reaction to that moment.

But in far more silly ‘Ye news….NYMag and UK tabloid The Sun are speculating that Kanye’s heartbreak is being tended to by 19-year-old model-of-the-moment Sessilee Lopez….

sessilee lopez

NYMag says:

“Looks like Sessilee Lopez has caught herself a new beau. After Kanye West handpicked the rising star for his “Flashing Lights”*** music video, the Sun reports that the two “have spent a lot of time together recently as Kanye has invited her along to numerous parties. They’ve also spent some down time together.” The pairing isn’t surprising — after all, Kanye is the fashionphile and Sessilee a rising runway star. She walked Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin, and more at the spring shows. Wouldn’t it be great if some awkward backstage conversations happened? Oh stars and models, they really aren’t just like us.”

(***she was in flashing lights? In the spike jonze version isnt that Rita G? And in the unreleased version, the star looks nothing like this girl. hmmm.)

Well, she’s very modelesque and chic, and probably a lovely gal. But I’m not sure I buy it…only because, unless ‘Ye’s taste in GFs has changed drastically in the past year…. this gal Sessilee seems to be missing 2 of Kanye’s favorite things ; )

sessilee lopez