hip hop hall of fame

From being properly recognized by the Grammys to getting played on FM radio and MTV, hip-hop has always had to fight to get it dues. And as we approach its fourth decade in existence, the genre is finally receiving its own Hall of Fame.

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According to NY Daily News, plans are in place to build the very first Hip-Hop Hall of Fame Museum in Harlem and Midtown — not hip-hop’s birthplace, The Bronx, as some would have hoped — next year, with a scope to open it in 2017.

The Harlem site, located on 125th street, will include a 12,000-square-foot museum space, while the Midtown site, located near Times Square, boasts a larger 50,000-square-foot space complete with 90-minute tours and an interactive exhibit. The museum will house memorabilia such as jackets, turntables and posters from hip-hop legends including Run-D.M.C., Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, Eminem and OutKast.

“This will be the home of hip hop history,” says JT Thompson, a museum organizer and former producer of BET’s Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards show. “People need to understand the importance of hip hop, the elements, the DJs, the B-boys and B-girls and the graffiti writers.”

The total project costs nearly $80 million, with around $50 million of that being raised so far. An Indiegogo campaign has been launched to fund an additional $1 million.

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