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President Obama just told us not to worry about radiation from the overheating Japanese nuclear reactors…but while that’s a relief, there’s no way to feel anything but mounting heartache for the victims of northern Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. It’s the same heartache we felt after the 2004 Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian earthquake, and other disasters.

We’re used to celebs like Kanye, Lupe and Pharrell raving about how much they love Japan, the hip-hop fanatics, the culture, food, fashion, shopping, et al. We see photos of Beyonce in Tokyo promoting her Japanese bag collabo, and Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lover’s line. So….I’m hoping that they are also involved in some kind of fundraising effort too. Celebs shouldn’t have to expose their private donations for props, so we may never know what anyone does for whom….but I’d like to point out some of the public efforts that deserve high-fives.

-Thank you, Uniqlo:
Uniqlo’s parent company president, is donating $12.2 million of his own money to Japan relief, Uniqlo itself will donate another $4.9 million, and they’re also distributing coats, jeans, towels and 300,000 pairs of Heattech thermals. Wow. This is already one of my favorite stores for affordable and simple clothes, but this move is super classy. (via Time) (Shop Forever21 online today too)

More thank you’s, and thank you especially…..
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(unbelievable photos from AP Photo via OregonLive, Demi photo via CelebBuzz, and the NYTimes daily collection of the most powerful photos from Japan)

-Thank you, Lady Gaga:
The singer created a simple “We Pray For Japan” bracelet for her “little monsters” at $5 a pop. And 24hours later, she has already raised $250,000 for Tsunami relief. (buy yours here)

-Thank you, Sandra, Thank you Demi:
After an earthquake tore apart Haiti in 2009, Sandra Bullock donated $1million to the Red Cross’ relief efforts. Today, People reports that Bullock has donated another $1million to the Red Cross’ efforts in Japan. Wait….Demi donated a million dollars too?! Not Demi Moore, I’m talking about Disney star Demi Lovato. Wow. That’s huge if it’s true. [UPDATE: Welp, it’s not true. Seemed too extreme to be true] (Don’t talk to me about tax deductible, yada yada, I don’t care if she gets free Oscars for her donation. It’s still a dope move. Here’s a list of other celeb contributors.)

-Thank you, Complex:
Reading and watching the stories of nuclear plant heroism, rising death tolls, and evacuations in Japan is totally mentally exhausting…so thank you Complex for keeping me informed with posts on what corporations are doing to help. I appreciate posts like “How Your Favorite Tech Companies Are Helping Japan” and “Gaming Industry Responds To Japan’s Tragedy.” Props to Thomas Campos, Teofilo Killip, Damien Scott, Alex Bracetti, Richie Procopio and whoever else worked on or greenlit these posts. Thank you Freshness Mag for keeping me updated on the design community’s efforts, and all the other sites who have been spreading the word. And Thank you Doug Davis for tweeting this link to how to help the abandoned pets too.

-Thank you to all the fund-matchers:
like Google’s Eric Schmidt (donate to CitizenEffect and he’ll match dollar for dollar), Brookstone, and definitely game-developer Zynga (donate inside their Cityville game). I’m sure there are plenty others that I don’t know about, but it’s a great way to double your donation with someone else’s dough!

-Thank You The Most:
Obviously, I’m not the spokesperson for all of the folks in Japan who are grieving their losses, or trying to recover. So it’s not even my place to thank you, but I do think that anyone who sees people in pain, and then takes a few minutes out to text a $10 donation to SaveTheChildren (text “JAPAN” to 20222) or The Red Cross (text “REDCROSS” to 90999) , or fill out a webform at SalvationArmy, or buy t-shirts or anything….when there’s so many other costs that we have to stomach every day…..I think you deserve a pat on the back, a high-five and a hug. Plus that feeling of accomplishment. MissInfo.TV made a donation to the Salvation Army’s Japan Relief Fund on behalf of Mikey Fresh, Mr. North, and me….and it felt awesome.

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(message via A Bathing Ape, they also just launched a special charity tee)

Another resource for seeing how to help: Google’s Crisis Response – 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami