I really like that Yelawolf and Gucci song that leaked earlier, and Gucc just told Atlanta’s DJ Greg Street that his upcoming album, The Appeal, will drop on Sept 28th. Yes, as YAF points out, that is also the same projected date as Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 and T.I.’s King Uncaged album! But while that has dramatic potential, just knowing how dates move around all the time, I’m not reading too far into it yet.
Now last time I spoke to Gucci, he said that he really bonded with Swizz Beats and knocked out an album’s worth of songs with him in just a few days. Some of those have already leaked (gmail hacks? enterprising studio assts? sloppy crewmembers?), but so far they sound pretty craze. However, I’m more looking forward to that evolved hood s–t from Gucci and his veteran team….which is on board too.
Gucci’s Appeal collaborators include: Swizz, Wyclef, Pharrell, Drummaboy, Zaytoven, Shawty Red, and he says, “It’s the combination of people that I’ve been working with for the last 6-7 years, and the new people that I been want to work with….[we made hit records] and picked the best ones.
Next up….we need that Rick Ross x Gucci “MC Hammer” video that they shot during Ross’ King of Diamonds party ; )

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