So if you were watching the MissInfoTV webcam then you got to enjoy the action live as it was happening (well, as much as you could see in the dark club from the upstairs balcony with a lot of other folks talking at me at the same time as I was trying to listen to Common rip, lol….and forgiving my jumpy bumpy webcam work, lol….not to mention adding insult upon injury the fact that I didn’t properly highlight the action so you could enjoy later….doh).

But have no fear, because Mikey Fresh is the fastest bestest video-to-youtube man of the year…..and thankfully, he just sent me the clips of all the night’s highlights. So enjoy, and show him love at his Mikey Fresh Blog.

Here’s some of my favorite moments… can click more for the rest. And I’ll have more details and photos later : )

Common freestyling…

Q-tip performing “Midnight 2008″….

KRS-One performing “South Bronx”….

Q-tip “Excursions”….

Q-tip “Can I Kick It”….

Common “Go”….

Common “The People”…..

Common “Testify”….

KRS-One freestyle…

KRS-One “Step Into”….

KRS-One “Classic”….