LOL, nothing beats a Ghostface stage rant….I was twittering this from my lil corner behind a speaker onstage last night….but luckily DJNessNYc was with me, and caught the “jewels.”
“rap music today is bulls–t. Its bulls–t. This s–t makes no f–kin’ sense, B….radio is f–kin up. I hear the same s–t every 5 minutes. When I came in with Wu Tang. We had to be swordsmen. We had to be very lyrical…my ginsu knife had to be very sharp, nowadays, these n—as is pulling out butter knives.”

(“dont ever put a bright light on me….gimme colors. I love colors” LOL!)

“The energy you give to me, that’s what I’m gonna give back to you….’cause once you look like y’all looking soggy, y’all take my powers away…y’all my duracell…