Leading up to Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day on Friday (Jan. 20), various entertainers have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the now 45th President of the United States and to praise former President Barack Obama for his eight-year tenure at the White House. Frank Ocean took to his Tumblr page hours after Trump’s ceremony where he was sworn in, touching on the poor showing at Trump’s White House ceremony earlier in the day.

I’M REALLY EXCITED FOR THESE INAUGURATION CROWD NUMBERS TO COME IN,” said the Grammy Award-winning singer. “Don’t cook the books either Donald. We all know your event was dry. No matter how many times CNN anchors repeat majestic or peaceful transition of power. The world can see America divided and the chaos in the streets.” He later turned his focus to Obama, supporting the 44th POTUS for his class.

Barack we love you but it would’ve been equally presidential if you would’ve just walked on out while Donald got through that struggle speech trashing your career,” Ocean noted. “In any event, a first family that I can relate to will be missed. Really though.”

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