vinny family guy

“Brian my ninja I hate it had to be him.”

As if Family Guy fans aren’t still mourning last month’s death of TV’s favorite liberal, alcoholic, womanizing dog, Brian Griffin, Seth MacFarlane and co. have updated the show’s opening sequence to include the Griffin’s new talking mutt, Vinny (as voiced by Tony Sirico, aka Paulie from The Sopranos). The new intro debuts on episode #7 of season 12, “Into Harmony’s Way” — if you can bring yourself to watch a Brian Griffin-less episode of Family Guy, that is.

It isn’t all doom and gloom, though. Speculation strongly suggests that Brian will be resurrected for Family Guy‘s Holiday special, “Christmas Guy,” on December 15, as well as future episodes. How he returns from doggy heaven, exactly, remains to be seen.

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