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Sometimes a song drops out of the sky and splits you right in two. That’s this song.
“A Kiss Goodbye,” is written and produced by superproducer Emile Haynie, featuring quite the combination of heavy collaborators…guitar by Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange, vocals by Charlotte Gainsbourg, who is basically de facto French royalty–a singer, actress, and fashion muse who happens to also be the daughter of music and arts legend Serge Gainsbourg and actress Jane Birkin (yes, as in…the Hermes Birkin. #headcrack). But it’s the second half of this unexpected song that will do you in….
Sampha‘s trembling voice and these lyrics about the bitter burning aftertaste of a love left to rot…

did it ever occur that you forgave yourself before I did.
did it ever occur that you forgave yourself before I could.
So I’m not cool with you.
I’m done and done and done…

Far too real for anyone who’s felt that same hurt.

Now we already know Emile Haynie’s work with Lana Del Rey, Bruno Mars, Kid Cudi, and most recently, Eminem’s new single with Sia “Guts Over Fear”…he’s long fine-tuned the blend of melancholy and hip hop aggression. But this song is much more personal. Is it part of a larger compilation? Well, I’ve heard more than I can speak on yet…but the future looks quite bright for those who love music about the darkest moments.

Stop everything and listen to Emile Haynie’s “A Kiss Goodbye”….

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