(olive oil poached octopus…with potatoes. meh…)

Whoo Hoo! Last week, I went on my first “foodie dinner” with Andrew and Chris from the foodblog ImmaculateInfatuation and singer/beautyexpert Heather Park ….ImmaculateInfat posts new NYC-area reviews daily and they hit all the ballyhooed hotspots…which is perfect for folks like me who treat every meal like its my last (I pre-research everything, its pathetic) but what’s key is that Andrew and Chris go past hype to the bottom line: should I eat here?

Plus, their reviews make me laugh out loud.

Personally, I lean towards tiny, ethnic haunts. I’ll eat anything served out the side of a truck. Also, I have a fear of franchises and laminated menus that have more than 8 pages….so the boys suggested Macao Trading Co., in Tribeca, which, like its namesake, Macau a/k/a the Las Vegas of Asia, is a blend of Chinese and Portuguese influences….

Chris writes:

“First of all, Macao is a huge scene … everyone in the house is either on an early in the game date, or starting off their night before they hit Pink Elephant. Second, the place is essentially a theme restaurant. There must have been a yard sale after the last Indiana Jones movie and the owners of Macao cleaned out every prop that Planet Hollywood didn’t already scoop up. I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised to see a monkey in a shriner’s hat come out and bus the table….”

Click here to read the slam by slam of our meal...

NOTE: the ImmaculateInfatuation boys noticed that there were lots of tables with 1 guy and 3 or more girls…..Me and Heather noticed that some of these combos looked like they were mail-ordered.

I’m jus’ sayin’.