“Your base tan’s lookin’ nice. I’m hoping to get there myself this season.”

I’ve been trying to escape something horrible awful hurl-inducing that infected my eyes the other day….but to no avail. I’m talking about those photos of Christina Aguilera singing at Etta James’ memorial service. It wasn’t her weird bank teller skirt suit, or her inappropriate Frederick’s of Hollywood bustier. Or her aggressive thighnees. And I fully admit that she rocked her rendition of Etta’s “At Last.” But as much as we all keep telling ourselves that Xtina had an unfortunate “spraytan” malfunction…my twisted brain just keeps poking holes in that explanation for what my eyes can’t un-see.

The only thing that has helped to distract me today….a new trailer for the upcoming season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down, which kicks off Feb 19. Kenny Powers is back from Mexico, he’s got a new baseball team, he’s back with his woman, his “manager” is still mentally challenged….but Kenny’s got a new bestie, Shane, played by Jason Sudeikis! This is a new macho side of simpy Jason that we rarely see on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. I bet Shane is the one who bagged Olivia Wilde.

But soon, my mind will drift back to the horror of Xtina’s inner-leg condensation. And Misery loves company….
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