(wow, what a photo…DJ AM, DJ Premier, and DJ Stretch Armstrong, spotted at BrooklynVegan)

DJ Premier remember his friend DJ AM last night on his radio show….and talked about how he had just spoken to DJ AM the day before. They were planning a Nike collaboration, a sneaker series called Rivals. Primo says he would be designing an AF1 and AM would be doing a dunk, and that both men were excited to announce the project this upcoming tuesday at Vegas’ Magic convention….

[audio:DJ Premier Reacts On DJ AM Death.mp3]

“I met him when he was 14 year old at a Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Hooligans show….he was with Alchemist and Scott Caan, James Caan’s son…..and we took pictures. The other day, he sent me the pictures and Im gonna make a t-shirt of that….”

“Rest in peace to DJ AM. shout to his family. Even his mother, she’s been very sick with leukemia, and every year he has a donation [drive] towards her fund. And every year I donate to his fund…I asked [AM] did you bug out when you fly. He say, taking and landing is the only time I really bug out. Once I’m in the air, I’m cool. He said turbulence doesnt even bother him, it was just taking off and landing….and now he’s taking off to heaven…gotta go somewhere and chill.”

“I already heard people are trying to hate like he wasn’t important, like he wasn’t a dope DJ. Let me tell you something…he is the f–kin’ shit. This dudes’s a f–kin’ maniac on turntables, for real. You have to experience this dude’s tactics on turntables, he’s sick with it. And if I cosign it, f–k any DJ who disagrees. You either haven’t seen him spin…and this dude’s history, his knowledge of music was intense…Ive known this dude for over 15 years so I bear witness to seeing him get busy. So any DJ that feel different, f–k y’all, man, y’all don’t know the dude, and I know him. So f–k all of y’all, f–k you.
[UPDATE 9-1-09: Another one of DJ AM’s longtime friends, Mike B posted a very poignant blog about his feelings of loss (via Jon Shecter)]