(photo spotted at bet.com)

Sohh’s Ya Heard blog broke the news today with this post, saying….

“According to SEVERAL of my close Def Jam sources all hell is breaking loose on Ludacris DTP imprint. Apparently when the label brought all their R&B artists to perform at Spotlight for LA Reid, along with a bunch of industry heads in NYC earlier this week, the feedback was less then thrilling. The performances were SOHH lackluster that a source told me that LA told Luda that he can take his acts and “hit the road”.

As of right now Bobby Valentino, Shareefa, and the extremely talented Stephan Jones, AKA Mr. Ordinaray has all been dropped. Sources close to Bobby claim that the artist plans on dropping his next untitled CD on iTunes. No word yet on where Shareefa, and Steph Jones will end up.

Word on the streetz is that DTP heads are planning on severing ties with Def Jam over all the drama.”

Well, yes, I’m hearing some confirmation that DTP is leaving Def Jam, but that “it was a mutual agreement.” There were differences in vision between DTP and LA Reid and that Luda’s label wanted more of a major push.

Knowing Luda, Chaka and Jeff Dixon, they’ll be more than good in their next move. We’ll see which artists survive the trip.