While we saw a few snapshots from Drake’s new “Started From The Bottom” video, the audio has yet to surface. However, Director X says Drizzy’s vision will definitely be worth the wait. As a long time friend, X is confident the final product will have a big impact this year. He wasn’t able to disclose details about the theme of the visuals, but assures that Drake put his all into his upcoming release. Something tells us we’ll have to wait till February for it.

UPDATE: The Juice received confirmation from Universal on Drake’s single.

Universal Music confirms with Billboard that Drake will release his first single off his forthcoming third album on the night of the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 10. The song’s title is unconfirmed at press time, but is rumored to be either “The Start From the Bottom” or “Started From the Bottom.”

Birdman says: “This year we got something in store. We got a new record coming out this year. It’s just one of those nights that, after seeing each other together, that’ll be like the highlight of our night, the highlight of our life, the highlight of our year.”

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Drake trusts me because we go back. We are from Toronto. We are from the same city. We did “HYFR” together. It really worked. We’ve been trying to work together for a long time so when it connected…it connected. And we kind of ran with that. I can’t really say too much about it…but he’s got a lot going on. He’s one of those guys that want to spend the money to make great video. That’s what he did. He went for it. He did his best to make a great video. (via XXL)

On investing in quality videos similar to the early 2000s:

If [artists] could, they would [invest money in videos.] Some of them are like that. I just did a video with Drake and he did that. He spent some money and he wanted to make those videos from those days. Nicki Minaj wants to make those videos from those days. There are a few artists out there that want to make those videos; I think Kanye is one of those guys, too. They want to make those videos from those days where the money is being spent. Kanye had a moment of it. Nicki ain’t never really seen that. Drake ain’t never really seen that. It’s a different era, but there are a few people that appreciate that and what to do it. At some point you gotta fight—you are here to entertain. At the end of the day, that video is supposed to entertain.

Photos: Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” Video Shoot