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One of the most exciting events at last year’s ComplexCon was their panel on Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Former Complex Editor-In-Chief Noah Callahan-Bever, who spent a week in Hawaii during the making of the album and penned the classic “Project Runaway” cover story, sat down with key players and collaborators like Mike Dean, Rick Ross, Consequence, Malik Yusef, Hype Williams and Selita Ebanks to share their memories of Kanye’s magnum opus.

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Today, Complex have finally answered our prayers and released footage of the panel for all to enjoy. In the 27-minute video, Malik Yusef explains how he turned a Muhammad Ali-sampling song called “Ghetto University” into “All of the Lights,” Selita reveals how Ivanka Trump (yes, Ivanka Trump) helped her get cast in the “Runaway” film, and Consequence remembers the all-star rap camp that Kanye assembled featuring the likes of RZA, Q-Tip, Pete Rock, Kid Cudi, Drake and Nicki Minaj.

“There were these think tanks over breakfast, secluded to the side, that really were the spinal chord of what was happening,” Cons says. “The thought process that was going on was really genius level. It was conversation on history, it was conversation on spirituality, it was conversation on craftsmanship at a, dare I say, masonic level.”

Watch the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy panel below (if the video doesn’t load, just click the link in Noah’s tweet).

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