Picture 15
(Chris Brown tweets a photo of his new hairstyle. Spotted via Vibe)

Chris Brown is a blonde…..huh?

Is this some kind of cry for help after the understandably upsetting leak of more Rihanna battery photos? Or is it an homage to Amber Rose? Some guys show that they’re man-fans of Amber by name-dropping her in songs, seating her on their lap at nightclubs, or tweeting “exes never change.” Chris…goes twinsies?
I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s actually trying to pay homage to Michael Jackson’s 90’s rap group Quo instead. (fun Quo facts: Wade Robson became Britney n Justin’s choreographer. Dewayne Turrentine married TV actress Reagan Gomez-Preston)
Are there any other guys who have been able to go blonde and not regret it?
(Update: The readers chime in…after the jump)
(Update 2: you guys are on a roll…..there’s already a song about Chris’ hair?…after the jump)

Speaking of Amber….she also made a personal style announcement….
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Picture 23
(Amber twitpic-ed her new tattoo…..I hope that’s actually henna….because it’s too much and too dark on a body part that is visible all the time on a gal. Just my opinion.)

You guys are on point….how could I forget Sisqo from Dru Hill?!
Picture 24

Update 2: Thanks to reader “Kanyeezy” for dubbing Chris Brown “Chrisqo” and for reader “Brooklyn” for sharing this fan’s new diss freestyle. That was fast. I don’t love the hair but I don’t think it deserves a song, lol. We’ve all made fashion mistakes…like those horizontal striped saggy leggings I wore in college.